ComicCon-ing: Wizard World Biloxi

Stan Lee is coming to Wizard World New Orleans! We got really excited because even though we have numerous things signed by him, we don’t have a photo op.  So we go to the Wizard World web page and look up some New Orleans stuff.  Then we click on their shows.

And there is one in Biloxi! What? And, how did we miss this!

I blame us being more frugal lately so that cuts down on our trips to a lot of cons.  But Biloxi, you bet we are going to be there.

Here are the guests confirmed so far:

  • Matt Ryan: Mr. Ryan is most famous for playing Constantine in the Arrowverse
  • Craig Parker:  Mrs. Nola Nerd Couple let out a shriek when she heard he was going to be there. When I realized who he is, I understood.  The role she loves him for is Haldir, who fights bravely at the battle of Helm’s Deep, in the Lord of the Rings.  He is also one of her favorite characters on the CW’s Reign.
  • Naoko Mori:  She has been a member of the BBC’s Torchwood cast as well as having a role in Everest.  She was also the first ever Japanese National to play a lead role in a West End play.
  • Gareth David Lloyd: Mr. Lloyd co-starred with Ms. Mori in Torchwood.
  • Holly Marie Combs: Ms. Combs is known for her work on Charmed and Picket Fences. 

When we know more about Wizard World Biloxi we will post here!

ComicCon-ing: Photographs from New Orleans Wizard World

The Nola Nerd Couple Podcast Episode 5: Wizard World New Orleans Wrap-Up

On this episode of the podcast, the Nola Nerd Couple discuss Wizard World New Orleans 2017.  We discuss specific things we did and what we like most about the con.  Of course, we also pointed a few minor better ifs.  We also talk about Rogue One, Super Mario Run, and a few comics.

Topics include: Dave Bautista, Theo Rossi, Peter Mayhew, Carrie Fisher, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, Harley Quinn, and DC Rebirth.

Star Wars-ing: Star Wars at Wizard World New Orleans

ww201717_00068Friday night, there were two panels that discussed Star Wars.  The first panel, led by fans,  debated the question of “What period is the Golden Age of Star Wars?”  The panel, and the room, split between the original trilogy and the Disney era. To me, nothing will be as exciting as watching the original trilogy, especially A New Hope and The Empire Strikes Back.  However, George Lucas held tight reigns over the franchise and while there was an extended universe it was basically added piece by piece. Under Disney, there is a unified focus on creating the larger Star Wars universe.  Books are created with this in mind.  Look at Marvel during both ages.  Marvel, during the original trilogy, was basically left alone and was given no guidance as what to do between movies. This allowed for some strange characters such as Jaxxon.  Under Disney’s stewardship, the universe seems to be carefully plotted out with much involvement from all creators: movies, books, tv, and comics.  Having a character from the Clone Wars be in Rogue One best illustrates this fact.  If you are judging by movies, then yes the original three will be hard to beat.  However, if you are judging by the entire universe, Disney has done a fantastic job so far.


ww201717_00079The second panel discussed the psychology of Star Wars and was led by academics. They discussed Joseph Campbell and the myths behind Star Wars.  They discussed the motivations behind some of the decisions of Luke, Anakin, and Kylo Ren. They provided the first satisfactory answer I’ve heard for why Luke never showed grief over his uncle and aunt (hint: PTSD is involved). They not only referenced movies but brought up The Clone Wars and Rebels.  Dr. Travis Langely, who led the panel, has edited many books on the psychology of certain pop culture phenomenons including Star Wars. He and the members of this panel also provided panels that analyzed Doctor Who and Harry Potter..  If you see Dr. Langely will be at a comic con near you, I highly suggest you check out one of his panels and then go buy a book after.

Both men who have put on the Chewbacca suit in an official capacity were at Wizard World  New Orleans. Both drew great crowds and were fantastic with their fans.  Joonas Suotamo is one tall human being.



Carrie Fisher loomed large over Wizard World New Orleans.  She was going to be it’s biggest star.  She was the reason why people who might not normally attend a con would have went. Wizard World obviously refunded all who had bought an autograph, photo-ops, and VIPs with her. Peter Mayhew was still shaken by her death being her friend for forty years.  In the lobby, the placed a giant poster of Ms. Fisher for fans to sign and state their farewells.  It ended up being a loving tribute to the woman who inspired many of the fans that were in attendance at Wizard World.


ComicCon-ing: Arrow Panel at Wizard World New Orleans

Before Sunday’s panel with Arrow stars Stephen Amell and David Ramsey at Wizard World New Orleans, we were able to get both of their autographs.  We were the first in line for David Ramsey. We actually had a great discussion with his convention manager about conventions in general since we have seen her at other events around the world.  When Mr. Ramsey arrived, we were struck by how large of man he is.  He stood at the edge of the table and greeted his fans that way. He told us he went to Frenchmen Street the night before (an acceptable excuse for being late).

When we met Stephen Amell we asked him about his winery, Nocking Point. We had tried to join his wine club, but it’s not available in Louisiana.  We asked him why and he said that was really a question for Louisiana.  Looks like we will be writing our congressmen!

Both stars did their best to answer the questions posed by the audience as seriously as they could. Some questions, they can’t answer like what will happen next on the show.

Pictures and audio from the panel after the jump.

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ComicCon-Ing: The Guardians of The Galaxy Panel With Partial Audio

The Guardians of the Galaxy Panel at Wizard World New Orleans was definitely one of the highlights of the weekend.  You had quiet and thoughtful Dave Bautista on one end, and the charmingly funny Sean Gunn on the other.  And in the middle of them was the human hurricane that is Michael Rooker.

Highlights from this panel:

  • Bautista would love to play Hinx in a James Bond film again.  He thinks there is a possibility that he could if Daniel Craig returns.  However, he clearly pointed out that this was a possibility that he, and only he, thinks so far.  He hasn’t heard anything from the Bond or Craig camps.
  • Sean Gunn spent a lot of time on set doing both of his roles.
  • James Gunn rights a special script for Vin Diesel that translates all of the “I am Groot” lines into actual human dialog so he can know his motivation.
  • If Bautista could go drinking with anyone in the MCU it would be the Hulk, because that would “be a bomb ready to go off.” Sean Gunn was kind of alarmed at that possibility.
  • I walked in late, due to being in line for David Duchovny, but apparently working out glutes was very important to this movie.
  • Michael Rooker said Nagin couldn’t have touched Merle.
  • Michael Rooker has been in 114 films.

Some pictures from the panel:


Sean Gunn


Dave Bautista and Micheal Rooker Working Their Glutes


Dave Bautista


Dave Bautista


Michael Rooker and Sean Gunn


Michael Rooker


Dave Bautista


Michael Rooker


The Guardians of the Galaxy Panel


This is a partial recording of the panel for those of you who couldn’t make it.

ComicCon-ing: Being on a Panel

This week we will be posting about our adventures at Wizard World New Orleans.

I’ve always been the attendee at the ComicCons we have attended in the past. We have attended panels and met celebrity guests and artists. However, for Wizard World New Orleans, I was actually having people look at me.

A coworker of mine and the guys from the LongBox presented a panel on censorship in comics. We discussed the history of comic censorship including the Comics Code.  We talked about present day books that have been challenged. For my part, I discussed The Killing Joke and BoneThe Killing Joke challenge makes sense.  It’s depicts graphic violence and shows a woman being violated.  Bone‘s challenge makes a lot less sense.  There is some gambling and one character smokes, but there is nothing truly objectionable. The panel all agreed determining something age-appropriateness is not necessarily censorship.  Banning books altogether is.

The audience was fantastic.  In fact, I had attended a few panels earlier in the con and saw a lot of those people at our panel.  They had asked great questions in the other panel, so I got a little nervous. Of the panelists, I’m the newcomer to comics and there were quite a few people in the audience who had way more extensive knowledge of comics than I do. Feedback was all positive, but that was only from my friends.


The audience before out panel.  

This experience makes want to do more panels in the future.  In fact, I’m planning on starting a panel on using comics in education.  Hopefully, we will get it done in time for next year’s Wizard World New Orleans.

If you want to know more about comics and censorship, please go to the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund History of Censorship page.