The Nola Nerd Couple Podcast Episode 46: Mr. Nola Nerd Couple and the Nola Nerd Baby Discuss the Music She Likes

In this mini-episode, Mr. Nola Nerd Couple and the Nola Nerd Baby (well she just makes baby sounds) discuss the music the Nola Nerd Couple plays for the baby and which ones she seems to enjoy the most!

Source: The Nola Nerd Couple Podcast Episode 46: Mr. Nola Nerd Couple and the Nola Nerd Baby Discuss the Music She Likes

The Nola Nerd Couple Podcast Episode 46: Mr. Nola Nerd Couple and the Nola Nerd Baby Discuss the Music She Likes

In this mini-episode, Mr. Nola Nerd Couple and the Nola Nerd Baby (well she just makes baby sounds) discuss the music the Nola Nerd Couple plays for the baby and which ones she seems to enjoy the most!

Star Wars-ing: Star Wars Links for November 7, 2018

Our reactions to Star Wars links from around the web in the last week. 

Box Office: ‘Solo’ Failure And ‘Last Jedi’ Backlash Won’t Hurt ‘Star Wars IX’: Seriously why would it? Especially in Solo’s case.  It’s box office “failure” is more of a planning failure.  The film is a good film; they just took a chance on new vision and they didn’t like it.  Once they made the mistake, they did the right thing and gave the new guy space and money to make the film he envisioned.  I think this is this is Disney’s boldest decision yet and will payoff greatly in the future.  As far as the backlash, those people won’t go, but most people don’t really know about the backlash.  The backlash is only really from people who obsess over Star Wars. People like my mom, who wasn’t a huge fan of The Last Jedi, will see Episode XI, and there are a lot more people like her.  This is hard for people who are both anti and pro The Last Jedi in the Star Wars fan community to understand. We are the minority of people who watch Star Wars films.

Adam Driver Was Somehow Incredibly Surprised That ‘Star Wars’ Made Him Much More Famous:  The subtitle of this article states “Who’d have thought being the chief bad guy in a globe-swallowing franchise would raise your profile.”  That’s snarky for no reason. Actually, its refreshing to read that he  didn’t think he would be recognized that much. The article in which this comes from is much more in depth.

We don’t post spoiler articles, so that’s it for this week!

Star Wars: Learning to Listen

I never gave two cents about diversity in much anything when I was a kid and teenager.  “If it doesn’t affect me, why should I care” was my attitude.  Let’s face, why would it affect me.  I’m a straight, white, cis male of European descent.  Furthermore, I was a skinny kid.

I also grew up in a town that had few minorities.  There was not a large black population where I grew up and the Hispanic and Asian communities were non-existent. There were no discussions of diversity until I became an adult.

When I taught in public school in New Orleans, it home to me how diversity mattered.  I remember bringing up Star Wars to describe something, and the kids didn’t understand the reference.  It wasn’t because of their age either.  It was because the movie didn’t speak to them about their lives. But since it was school, I didn’t really delve further into it.

The more I’ve embraced my nerdom, the more I ran into all kinds of fans.  The more I became interested in their stories. Reading blogs by people of color and discussing diversity at cons, the more I understood how difficult it is for some people to feel part of something. It wasn’t just that characters didn’t look or talk like them that made them feel excluded. It was also the fandoms itself that did this. I’ve seen on more than one occasion a male Star Wars fan trying to explain something to my wife about the saga. I always feel sorry for them, because my wife is strongwilled and doesn’t hold back. She definitely doesn’t need me to be her white night. However, for introverts, this might not come as naturally.

Particularly useful was the hashtag #swrepmatters.  Stories from people of color, women, members of the LGBTQ community, people with disabilities, and people from different body types opened my eyes to how the Star Wars fandom is approached from different people. It taught me how people felt when they saw a person that looked like them on screen and actually had something to do.

I seriously could write a dissertation about how much I learned from reading the posts with that hashtag.  I wrote one that was similar to this blog.  However, as much as I want to speak about diversity, in the end, I better serve the movement by listening. The “white savior” trope is all too familiar to people who don’t look like me.

I could say I’m interested in this topic because I have a daughter and I want her to be able to enjoy any fandom she wants without feeling excluded. More importantly, I want to enjoy the fandom without the creepiness that a lot of women have to go through.  But, I’m going to be selfish.  I want to learn more because it is better for me. It makes me a better person.

The more I listen the more I learn. The more I learn the more I can become an ally.



Fandom-ing: Yes, We Still Play PokeMon Go

Remember 2016 when Pokemon Go was all the craze?  Remember going to parks and people were actually there (in south Louisiana during the summer this borders on an insane idea).  Well, it seemed like a fad that quickly went away.

Well, not for us.  We might not have played all the time in the last two years, but we never gave it up.

Note: These are not my best Pokemon, just the ones I hadn’t deleted the screen shots from!

This is has been especially true the last couple of weeks. Mrs. Nola Nerd Couple has had a rough time lately.  She has had her gallbladder removed and still felt bad for a couple a weeks after.  She is now on the upswing. Surprisingly, Pokemon Go has helped.  Getting out of the house and going to gyms or walking at parks has helped heal her.  It has reduced my anxiety that comes with being a caretaker (remember my wife really hasn’t felt well since conception).  The Nola Nerd Baby loves that we play because she loves being in her stroller in 60 and 70 degree weather.  The breezier the day, the happier she is.

We aren’t fanatical about the game, but we do obsess over it a little bit.  We enter in our Pokemon in Poke Genie and enjoy doing the research tasks.

But, again, the most important thing it does is that it gives us active family time.  We have been to most of the parks in the area enjoying the outdoors and each other.  Now, if a game can do that, it’s not bad.

Parenting: Star Wars Toys for Baby

Back in May, we attended Star Wars Galactic Nights.  The Nola Nerd Baby was three months old and did a fantastic job.  She didn’t complain and slept through most of it.

On the first meeting of her great-grandfather, he slipped her twenty dollars.  We want to make sure we bought something for her.  We settled on a two sets of toys.  There were squeezable Star Wars and Princesses.  We held up both in front of her.  She raised her hand closest to the Star Wars set.  We then switched hands and she held up that hand.  We know she really didn’t pick Star Wars but we acted as if she did anyway!

Over the summer, this became her favorite set of toys.  They were too big to fit into her mouth but small enough for her to grab.  If you squeeze them they will squeak.


Over time, one of the toys became her favorite.  In fact, when you give it to her, her face lights up.  Surprisingly, it was C3PO. She also loves R2 and Vader.  Boba and the Storm troop pick up the rear with Chewie trailing behind.

We can’t wait to share more Star Wars toys with her in the future.  We really can’t wait to shop for her at Star Wars Celebration.  Hopefully, she keeps enjoying them!

ComicCon-ing: Wizard World New Orleans Annouces More Guests.

Wizard World New Orleans is starting to announce a lot of guests for their show coming the first weekend in January.  There first wave of guests was mainly from Outlander.   As always, they are planning a great show and have now announced guests from more fandoms!

Even though it has been canceled, Luke Cage will be well represented.  Series Stars Mike Colter and Simone Missick will be at the convention. For iZombie fans, Rose McIver and Malcolm Goodwin have been announced.  The Vampire Diaires will be represented by David Alpay, Zach Roerig, and Daniel Gillies.

Joining these stars will be:

  • Jason David Frank (Might Morphin Power Rangers)
  • Daniel Cudmore (X-Men)
  • Matt Ryan (Constantine)
  • Erin Cahil (Power Rangers: Time Force)
  • Thomas Ian Nicholas (Rookie of the Year)

Wizard World New Orleans will take place from January 4-6 at the Earnest N. Morial Center at 900 Convention Center Boulevard in New Orleans.

Also, appearing will be Mads Mikkelsen.  Right now, we probably will get three items signed by him!

The have also announced a slew of artists, who will dedicate a blog to when we get closer to the show.