Comic Con-ing: Megacon – First Look

Megacon in Orlando, FL is over Memorial Weekend and we will be attending! This will be Nola Nerd Baby’s first convention, so we are excited to dress her in some baby cosplay and have her see the sights and sounds that make comic conventions so much fun. We love going to Megacon and we just know our daughter will love it as well! Let us look at some of the offerings at this year’s con.

The guest list this year is fantastic. Jeff Goldblum! Besides portraying The Grandmaster in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, he is the subject of that awesome meme from Jurassic Park! Not to mention, has the famous FaceBook page, The Same Photo of Jeff Goldblum Every Day. If you are into horror, like my husband, you will remember him from The Fly. He is a legend and I am stoked to be able to meet him and add him to my autograph collection! My sister and I are also doing a photo op, because, let’s face it, it is Jeff Goldblum. Jeff is appearing Saturday only.


The amazing Jeff Goldblum in Jurassic Park.

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The Nola Nerd Couple Podcast Episode 8: Star Wars Rebels, Star Wars Celebration, and MegaCon

In this edition of The Nola Nerd Couple Podcast, we give our thoughts on two episodes of Star Wars Rebels: Double Agent Droid and Twin Suns. We also discuss some of the featured art at Star Wars Celebration.  We briefly discuss our diving into the Star Wars canon books. Finally, we give an update on MegaCon.  This is a long podcast for us so we don’t mind if you listen at double speed.  We probably make more sense that way!

ComicCon-ing: Other Con News


MegaCon has been steadily adding guests to its lineup.  Here are the latest additions:

  • Gina Torres:  A fixture in the Whedonverse, she has had pivotal roles in Firefly and Angel. ( Which is also the two fandoms I need signatures for!)
  • Tom Wilson: We met Mr. Wilson at another con recently and he is nothing like Buff ‘Mad Dog’ Tannen in Back to the Future.  If you are looking to do a Back to the Future autograph collection (and almost everyone does cons from time to time), Mr. Wilson is a must get.
  • Jeri Ryan:  All fans of Star Trek will be lining up to get Mr. Ryan (“Seven of Nine” from Voyager).
  • Matthew Lewis:  The Harry Potter star turned heartthrob who once received a twitter request from Ms. Rowlings to put his close back on (warning: link will lead to a scantily clad Mr. Lewis), will be at MegaCon.  His line may be long mainly due to swooning from admirers.
  • Ray Park:  The martial arts expert and former Sith Lord, Ray Park will be at MegaCon.  He was also in X-Men films (the first set).
  • Spencer Wilding:  Mr. Wilding is one of the new men to suit up as the Dark Lord of the Sith, Lord Vader in Rogue One. He has also had roles in Doctor Who and  Guardians of the Galaxy.
  • Elyes Gabel:  The star of the TV series Scorpion will be in Orlando.
  • Richard Dean Anderson:  Mr. Anderson has been involved in the different Star Gate franchises and is well known for his creation of MacGyver.



ComicPalooza is coming up in May as well.  We already have our hotel booked.

  • Amy Jo Johnson:  The only Power Ranger I knew by real name before I went to cons (and that was because of Felicity).  I was just the wrong age to watch Power Rangers.
  • Steve LeiaLoaha: This iconic inker has worked for Marvel and DC. His work on Fables earned him an Eisner.
  • Rodger Bumpass: Celebrated voice actor, Roger Bumpass will be at Comicpalooza.  He has brought to life Squidward Tentacles in SpongeBob as well as doing voice work in Teen Titans.
  • Bill Fagerbakke: Joining his SquareBob co-star Mr. Bumpass, Mr. Fagerbakke will make an apperance at Comicpalooza.  He was also fan favorite Dauber on Coach, and was Marshall’s dad on How I Met Your Mother.



Pensacon just ended, right?  That doesn’t stop the producers from adding guests for 2018!

  • Danny Tamberelli & Michael Maronna:  Pete and Pete from the hit Nickelodeon show (which I remember because Michael Stipe was a weird ice cream salesman one episode) will be at Pensacon.
  • Lita:  Pensacon always gets great wrestling talent and Hall of Famer Lita is no exception.
  • Frazer Hines: The second Doctor’s companion will be at Pensacon.
  • Paul Blake:  The man behind the bounty hunter who shot first, Greedo, will be appearing at Pensacon.
  • Lou Ferrigno:  The Incredible Hulk himself will be appearing at Pensacon.
  • Ian McElhinney: When Pensacon announced they would have a Game of Thrones character who never appeared at a US Con, we racked our brains on who it could be. I was rooting for Donald Sumpter, but Mrs. Nola Nerd Couple knew it would be Mr. McElhinney.  Not only is he one of our favorite characters on Game of Thrones, he is also General Dodonna in Rogue One.

ComicCon-ing: Orlando’s Megacon

Nola Nerd Couple is not going to Megacon this year, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t.  If you are in the central Florida area, go!  It’s a great con with plenty of guests for autograph seekers, artists, and vendors.

Tom Felton and Jason Isaacs will be there along with the Phelps twins for the Harry Potter fans.  Trekkies will be able to meet William Shatner, George Takei, and Nichelle Nichols. Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes will doing a special stage event on Saturday night. For you NOLA nerds, they will be in New Orleans on Wednesday. John Cusack will also be there, but since I won’t be it hurts too much to talk about. I mean, I try to be Lloyd Daubler on my better days.

One of the main reasons that you should go is to meet Stan Lee. He is one the comic book greats and if you are an autograph collector he should be in it.  It is still amazing that at 93 he attends three days of a con.  However, it seems that his con days are coming to an end, so get his autograph while you can.

Of course, there are plenty of artist, panels, shopping to do at Megacon.  We always come home full of stuff. We highly recommend that you stop by Mrs. Nola Nerd Couple’s sister’s booth: Geekella.  She is a fantastic artist and has great pieces for you to buy.  We have quite a few of her works at Nola Nerd Couple Headquarters. We also highly recommend Purrito Press for your nerd art needs.  Both will be located in artists alley!

Megacon opens today at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando and runs through Sunday.

Have a happy con!


ComicCon-ing: Meeting the Cast of Star Trek: The Next Generation

Star Trek: The Next Generation helped me get through college. It was on right when I got home and provided a great study break later on at night. At the time, we could catch TV stations from both New Orleans and Baton Rouge, and luckily for me, a channel from each city played it in syndication. While I’m not the kind of Trekkie that can recite engineering schematics or much less dialogue, it is one of my favorite shows of all time.

A couple of years back, Wizard World New Orleans announced the cast would be attending the Comic Con. Due to an early Mardi Gras and the hosting of the SuperBowl, the con was moved to early December. It was on my birthday weekend. However, when the date approached, Wil Wheaton and Patrick Stewart, for very good reasons, had to cancel. (I didn’t vilify either one unlike Sheldon Cooper).

The rest of the cast didn’t let me down. Each one of them understood that the fans at comic cons just want a few minutes of their time to tell them what the show meant to them. Wizard World placed quite a few of them next to each other, and the chemistry that was apparent on screen was still there all these years later. They joked with each other, asked us questions, and totally made us feel great.

However, Marina Sirtis took it to the next level. Like every young man that watched the show, I had a huge crush on her. Scratch that past tense, I still have a huge crush on her. When we walked up to her booth, I think she developed a crush on….Cristina. She kept remarking how beautiful my wife was. While it wasn’t a crush on me, I can’t really complain about her gushing over Cristina! Cristina told her that the poster was my birthday present, so Sirtis gave me her autograph for free as a birthday present!

It was a great birthday. I got to spend it meeting some of my teenage heroes. I had six out of the eight actors’ signatures on my poster. I figured it would be a while before I got the last two.

To paraphrase one of my favorite attractions in Orlando…”or so I thought.”

Orlando’s MegaCon, just six months later, had the entire ST:TNG cast including Sir Patrick Stewart and Wil Wheaton. This was great for us since we have family that lives there. Both Stewart and Wheaton made the wait worth it. We told them we both missed them in New Orleans and they both explained why they couldn’t be there. They both understood that 30-second connection (which Wheaton actually talks about in his blog and on Twitter).

They all understood that this is a way to make sure their work lives on. Comic Cons allow us to meet our heroes. The ones that understand that a positive experience will make us rewatch their shows and tell others about our experience, which in turn may make others watch the show. Plus, the money they make at the cons has to be a great perk as well!STTNG

Now my poster is complete. It has the place of honor in our Nola Nerd Couple lounge. It makes me smile and think of how much fun we had at both of those Comic Cons. Writing about this, made me realize how much I love Comic Cons. Luckily for us, we have quite a few still in store for this year!


ComicCon-ing: MegaCon 2015

On Friday, April 10 and Saturday, April 11, Kurt and I went down to Orlando, Florida for one of their biggest conventions: MegaCon. MegaCon, despite some lingering logistic issues, was a great time. My sister, Geekella: Art by Dina Cavicchia, had a booth in Artist’s Alley, so we also got to experience MegaCon on Thursday evening behind the scenes, because we went to help her and her friend Erin Denton, who runs Purrito Press and was in the booth right next to her, set up. Seeing the con on Thursday, with all the exhibitors, artists, and vendors coming and going with boxes, carts, giant bags, and all sorts of things in disarray, and then seeing it on Friday morning was amazing. It’s really interesting to see how much work goes into setting up shop and perfecting your booth before the con opens. Even Dina’s simpler booth setup took at least 4 hours to perfect. Watching the artists try to display their wares in a friendly and inviting way with such limited space was intriguing. And the vendors and exhibitors with the big booths simply awed me. Some of the vendors had so much stuff in their space, that it blew my mind to think how long it took them to set it up.

Geekella: Art by Dina Cavicchia  at MegaCon 2015.

Geekella: Art by Dina Cavicchia is ready to go for MegaCon 2015!

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