Star Wars-ing: Star Wars News Roundup

Variety reported on Tuesday that Pedro Pascal (Game of Thrones, Norcos) is in the running for a role (maybe the lead) in The Mandalorian. Variety didn’t really say more than that and this could just be gossip.  In the same article they state that Dave Filoni will direct the first episode, which we think is a great choice. 

Disney announced a new series based on Diego Luna’s character, Cassian Andor, that will be featured on the new Disney streaming service which is being called Disney+. The press release uses the phrase “rousing spy thriller.”  Does this mean Disney will make this episode a little darker? The first time we see Andor in Rogue One, he drops a body (sorry, just saw a meme from The Wire before writing this). I am hoping for smaller arcs that don’t necessarily follow time order. Small movies, if you will.

On, you can take a quiz so you can make a Star Wars themed dish for Thanksgiving.  It’s weird doing it in quiz form instead of putting all the recipes on one page. Even though I’ve done it twice, and both time, I have said I prefer savory, it has suggested I make pumpkin spice Ewok cookies. If I do make them, I’ll blog about it. 

The Star Wars podcast I’ve been listening to a lot lately is Skytalkers: A Star Wars Podcast. The hosts, Charlotte Errity and Caitlin Plesher, bring a literate, thematic approach to the saga. The episode Monsters in Star Wars was one of the best single podcasts I’ve ever listened to and did a good job of comparing the monsters in the galaxy to other works.  It’s also just a fun podcast. I highly recommend this one!

Star Wars-ing: Star Wars Links for November 7, 2018

Our reactions to Star Wars links from around the web in the last week. 

Box Office: ‘Solo’ Failure And ‘Last Jedi’ Backlash Won’t Hurt ‘Star Wars IX’: Seriously why would it? Especially in Solo’s case.  It’s box office “failure” is more of a planning failure.  The film is a good film; they just took a chance on new vision and they didn’t like it.  Once they made the mistake, they did the right thing and gave the new guy space and money to make the film he envisioned.  I think this is this is Disney’s boldest decision yet and will payoff greatly in the future.  As far as the backlash, those people won’t go, but most people don’t really know about the backlash.  The backlash is only really from people who obsess over Star Wars. People like my mom, who wasn’t a huge fan of The Last Jedi, will see Episode XI, and there are a lot more people like her.  This is hard for people who are both anti and pro The Last Jedi in the Star Wars fan community to understand. We are the minority of people who watch Star Wars films.

Adam Driver Was Somehow Incredibly Surprised That ‘Star Wars’ Made Him Much More Famous:  The subtitle of this article states “Who’d have thought being the chief bad guy in a globe-swallowing franchise would raise your profile.”  That’s snarky for no reason. Actually, its refreshing to read that he  didn’t think he would be recognized that much. The article in which this comes from is much more in depth.

We don’t post spoiler articles, so that’s it for this week!

Parenting: Star Wars Toys for Baby

Back in May, we attended Star Wars Galactic Nights.  The Nola Nerd Baby was three months old and did a fantastic job.  She didn’t complain and slept through most of it.

On the first meeting of her great-grandfather, he slipped her twenty dollars.  We want to make sure we bought something for her.  We settled on a two sets of toys.  There were squeezable Star Wars and Princesses.  We held up both in front of her.  She raised her hand closest to the Star Wars set.  We then switched hands and she held up that hand.  We know she really didn’t pick Star Wars but we acted as if she did anyway!

Over the summer, this became her favorite set of toys.  They were too big to fit into her mouth but small enough for her to grab.  If you squeeze them they will squeak.


Over time, one of the toys became her favorite.  In fact, when you give it to her, her face lights up.  Surprisingly, it was C3PO. She also loves R2 and Vader.  Boba and the Storm troop pick up the rear with Chewie trailing behind.

We can’t wait to share more Star Wars toys with her in the future.  We really can’t wait to shop for her at Star Wars Celebration.  Hopefully, she keeps enjoying them!

Star Wars-ing: No Boba Fett Movie But a Late Thank You to Jeremy Bulloch

A movie about Boba Fett will not be made. Weirdly, the announcement saying it was not going to be made was made before any announcement that it would be made. At Nola Nerd Couple Headquarters, we would have went to see it, but it wasn’t a film we were asking for.  Personally, for me, he was perfect in the original trilogy.  A man with no backstory that just wants to get paid is needed in films like Star Wars.  While I know he has his diehard fans, I can’t help but think he is a character that is best left up to the imagination.  The more we know about him the less mysterious he is.  The charm, for me anyway, has always been that we didn’t know much.  Yes, the prequels give him an origin story, but that to me changed him in a way I didn’t like. When it comes to villains, I often like a lack of an origin story.

While Boba Fett has never been one of my favorite characters, one of the actors that played him is.  Jeremy Bulloch announced his retirement in early August.  Mr. Bulloch portrayed Boba Fett in both Empire Strikes Back (where he also had a second role as an Imperial Officer) and Return of the Jedi. Along the convention circuit, he has always been a fan favorite with long lines waiting to meet.

Meeting Jeremy Bulloch at Star Wars Weekends in 2009

The Three Fetts

Mr. Bulloch at Mississippi Comic Con in 2017

Mr. Bulloch at Mississippi Comic Con in 2017

Since we became serious collectors, it seems that we have met him at least once a year at conventions. While Mrs. Nola Nerd is the true Star Wars autograph collector, it was people like Mr. Bulloch who got me hooked on collecting autographs as well.  Meeting him was always a joy, and he, often accompanied by his wife, made sure everyone felt the magic that the love of Star Wars creates. He would always honor autograph collectors requests (certain color ink is often what we ask for) and would share a story if he could.

It will be weird not being able to meet him again, especially at Star Wars Celebration Chicago. Yet, after giving back so much to the Star Wars fans over the last couple of decades, he has more than earned his rest and retirement.

May the force be with him!

Star Wars-ing: Star Wars Links!

New Book Showcases the Incredible Women of ‘Star Wars‘: Amy Ratcliffe has a new book coming out called Star Wars: Women of the Galaxy.  The book will look at the female characters of the saga.  Ms. Ratcliffe, who has already been announced as a Celebration stage host, provides biographies of the characters which will also have great new artwork by a diverse set of artists. I personally can’t wait to have this on the shelf of my daughter’s bookcase.  After I read it first, of course.

George Lucas visits set of Star Wars live-action series The Mandalorian: The Maker visits the new guard. Of course, people are fawning over detail in the background, but it doesn’t take much to realize that Mr. Lucas wouldn’t show up on set unless he likes what is happening with Star Wars, particularly the live-action show that Mr. Favreau is showrunning.  While he is probably interesting in what they are doing with his brainchild, the fact that it was publicized means that Lucas is subtly endorsing Disney’s efforts.

How a Star Wars writer’s tweets got him fired by Marvel; Read the article first. I am a fan of Mr. Wendig’s writing.  He writes in a style that I enjoy – one that feels very cinematic. I don’t think Marvel should have fired him, However, they do have the right. In our day jobs, we have a clause about morality.  My mother is a banker and can’t even have a social media account much less post anything controversial.  The problem is that we can’t separate ourselves from our jobs.  To the public, we are teachers.  Even in summer. However, this does make Marvel look bad if they didn’t warn him or put this in his contract.  I knew, from the moment I signed my contract, that writing certain things on this or any other website or on social media can put me in a bad light with my bosses. Mr. Wendig deserved the same.  It wasn’t like he was holding his tongue before Marvel hired him.

Also, autograph seekers, don’t forget to check out Star Wars Actor Current Appearances to see what actors from the saga are going to shows.  Since it is listed by actor, I highly recommend you use Find (ctrl+f) and search for the weekends dates or the name of a con that is near you.  Also, if finding out what is going on in the making of all Star Wars projects, check out 

Star Wars-ing: Autograph Look Out for October 19-21

If you are an autograph seeker like us, then Star Wars Actor Appearances is a must have this website in your arsenal. The team over there does a great job of listing every Star Wars actor, no matter the size of the part, convention appearances.

Making appearances this week are:

  • Gregg Berger
  • Trevor Butterfield,
  • Jim Cummings
  • Michael Henbury
  • Jason Isaacs
  • Ray Park
  • John Ratzenberger
  • Paul Blake
  • Chris Bunn
  • Mark Dodson
  • Mike Edmonds
  • Olivia Hack
  • Garrick Hagon
  • Bill Hargreaves
  • Alan Harris
  • Bai Ling
  • Sandeep Mohan
  • Cathy Munroe
  • David M. Santana
  • Felix Silla
  • Tina Simmons
  • Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa
  • Jimmy Vee
  • Miltos Yerolemou

Of course, if you want to know when and where they are appearing, you will have to visit the Star Wars Actors Appearances website.

Star Wars-ing: Star Wars Links

Star Wars Authentics Releases Resistance Photos:  Star Wars Authentics, which is run by TOPPS, is the official source for Star Wars photographs.  For autograph seekers like us, this is where we go to get photos for conventions and Star Wars Celebration.  Well, they just released a slew of photos from Star Wars Resistance.  Who knows, maybe we will see a few of the voice actors at Celebration Chicago?

Star Wars Celebration Tickets: 5-Day and Saturday tickets sold out quickly.  Friday, tickets sold out this past weekend.  If you are planning on going, you need to act now.

Star Wars Halloween Mood Table:  You love Star Wars and being crafty? has a great idea for you to decorate for the second best holiday season of the year. (For us, it’s the regional holiday you dress up for).

Looser Episode IX: According to Oscar Isaac, filming for the latest installment in the saga has been “looser” with more improv. He credits JJ Abrams feeling less pressure which in turn puts less pressure on everyone else.