Comic-Con-ing: Cons for July 20th Weekend

Of course, the biggest con is happening this weekend in San Diego.  SDCC is basically ground zero for comic cons.  And even though Marvel will not be at Hall H this year, SDCC is still the place to be for pop culture nerds next weekend if you can get there.

What if you can’t get there?  Well, there are still plenty of other cons to attend all over the country.

MetroCon: Metrocon, in Tampa, bills itself as a con for the fan by fans. Their celebrity guests focus on voice actors and feature veteran anime actor J. Michael Tatum, Jamie Marchi who has done work in anime and in video games, as well as Jason Marsden who has been in quite a few films and tv shows in front of the camera as well as doing extensive voice work most notably as Max in A Goofy Movie.  This year’s theme is Guardians vs Invaders.

Kitsunekon: This is an anime con that will take place in Green Bay, Wisconsin.  Guest include voice actor Wendee Lee and Comicstorian. Comicstorian is valuable resource for comic fans and we highly encourage you check out their youtube channel.

Trotcon: Is a con that focuses on ponies! That’s right this Columbus, Ohio Con, if focused on My Little Pony! Lauren Jackson who voices Silverstream will be there. Plus, the panels can go from Customizing Pony Brushables to Aristotle vs Fanfiction. There is a huge following of MLP out there and it’s great that there are cons like this.  Everyone deserves to know they have a tribe they belong to!

North Texas Comic Book Show:  This show, in the very nice Irving Convention Center, focuses on comic books. Some of the comic creators they have lined up are Carl Potts, Steve Englehart, Rick Leonardi, Christopher Priest, Ty Templeton, and Doug Hazlewood. A comic con about comics is actually a great idea!



ComicCon-ing: Social Anxiety and San Deigo Comic Con

It’s the SuperBowl of nerd events. It’s the World Cup of comic conventions. San Diego Comic Con is upon us, and it’s this weekend.

And it may be the one con that I’m not sure I ever want to attend.

Comic conventions are a paradox when you think about it. While I have no scientific data to back it up, I assume that most nerds are more introverted than extroverted. They allow us a place to go where we feel (mostly) comfortable. (It is a little different for non-males, let’s be honest). Even though they are crowded, we can usually find our tribes. Our tribe tends to be autograph collectors with whom we strike up conversations. But cosplayers, gamers, writers can always find a group of people to hang out with during the convention.

SDCC offers all those same things. However, on a much larger scale. That’s the part that makes me nervous about ever attending. I’m not sure my social anxiety could handle it.

Considering my day job as a teacher, I know it’s odd that I would have social anxiety. My job is dealing with the public, and I’m good at it. However, it is exhausting. Going to events like concerts and cons – both things I love – is as exhausting as well. I’m glad I go to them. Especially comic conventions. We have met so many cool people and developed some great friendships just from our con experiences and this blog. One time we got recognized at a con. It was one of those moments that made me love going to cons and doing this blog.

In other words, even though it would feel me with dread up until we got there, I would still love to attend SDCC. To experience it. I would enjoy people watching. Plus, the number of comic creators I would like to meet. I’m sure I would find members of my tribe to make new friends with. For this is the great thing about conventions – it brings nerds who would never meet together.

However, if we ever do go, it will have to be a ways off. We would love to bring the Nola Nerd Baby, and that’s one con we can wait to do with her.

The Nola Nerd Couple Podcast Episode 16: The Nola Nerd Baby, MegaCon Orlando, the MCU, Star Wars Galactic Nights and Star Wars Celebration Chicago.

We have attempted to do a podcast for quite a while, but life kept getting in the way. Having the Nola Nerd Baby brought plenty of complications such as pre-partum depression and preeclampsia. We go into detail about that experience, but how our sweet baby was worth it. We also discuss briefly Black Panther, Infinity War, and Ant-Man and the Wasp. The Nola Nerd Baby made her first con appearance at MegaCon Orlando. Having a baby changes how you approach a con and we give the details of how we did it. While in Orlando, we also experienced Star Wars Galatic Nights. Finally, we discuss how Mrs. Nola Nerd Couple captured her Holy Grail of Star Wars experiences with the upcoming Star Wars Celebration Chicago.

You can read our blogs about the pregnancy in the following links:
1) Conception
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3) The Birth and Post-Partum Complications
4) Mr. Nola Nerd Couple’s point of view

You can read more about pre-partum depression here.
If you want to know how scary pre-eclampsia is, read this. (Warning: this is a tough read.)

Here is our coverage of MegaCon Orlando.

Buy your tickets to Star Wars Celebration here.

ComicCon-ing: Cons This Weekend

People, it’s a busy weekend for cons.  Here is a brief rundown of cons happening across the nation this weekend:

Connecticon XVI: This con held in downtown Harford at various venues has an impressive lineup of voice actors such as Troy Baker (who always has large lines), Nolan North, Steve Blum and Vanessa Marshall.

Florida Supercon: The Broward County Convention Center in Fort Lauderdale is home to the Florida Supercon.  Just a few of their guests include: Mike Colter, John Barrownman, Rachael Leigh Cook, Ryan Hurst, William Shatner, Michael Rooker, Sean Gunn, and Robin Lord Taylor. Comic guests include John Cassady, Howard Chaykin, Paul Mounts, Plus our favorite streamer, Jarad Weston, will be there in the video game ballroom. He will be hosting a Hearthstone tournament and might be doing a couple of panels.

Readercon: This is a literary con held in Quincy, Massachuesetts. They describe themselve as  a con that “features a near-total focus on the written word.” In other words, a con that I want to go to. If you love to read and near this con go and meet you new favorite author.

Anime-zing! Anime Convention:  This anime convention is in Davenport, Iowa. They have voice actors such as Dawn Bennett and Marissa Lenti. Our experience with Anime Cons, more than any other specific type of con, the real attraction is the attendees. The cosplay at these events are unreal. I’m sure this one is no exception.

Anime Iowa:  This anime convention is in Des Moines. Rachel Robinson and Joel McDonald will be at the con. Again, anime conventions are great to see the people that attend the con. It’s a place life long friendships are made.

ConGregate: This speculative fiction con will be held in the Greensboro metro area in North Carolina. This con has a list of literary guests and science guests. That last part is my favorite and makes me want to go!

Delta H Con: This is a gamer and anime con held in the Houston area. Tom Wyner from Power Rangers and VR Toopers will be there. Besides anime there will be gaming tournaments all weekend.

Tokyo in Tulsa: This con builds itself as Oklahoma’s largest anime, japanese, and pop culture event. Guests include Cassandra Lee Morris and Chuck Huber. This convention will have panels and a charity ball!

Wizard World Boise: Wizard World always puts a good show on! Some of the guests include Ron Perlman, Brent Spiner, Marina Sirtis, John de Lancie, Charisma Carpenter, and Jason David Frank.

Whatever con you attend, have a great one!

ComicCon-ing: Con News


Mississippi Comic Con (MS Trade Mart in Jackson, Mississippi, June 23-24):
We didn’t make it to the Mississippi Comic-Con this year because this little cutie had her baptism.


We wanted to attend. Meeting Linda Blair would have been awesome, and we just finished watching The Office so meeting Kate Flannery would have been a great start to a collection for that franchise.

Since we didn’t make it to the con, here are a few links to stories about the con:
A set of articles from the Starkville Daily News (Hail State!) about a young man who operates a lemonade stand to make it to the Mississippi Comic-Con. (1, 2, and 3)
An excellent walk through the show floor! (Check out the youtube channel for more great stuff!)


Louisiana Comic Con (The CajunDome, Lafayette, October 6&7): Ryan Hurst from Remember the Titans and Sons of Anarchy will be appearing at the con. We met him at the Space City Comic Con, and it was one of the highlights of that trip to Houston. Also appearing will be designer and illustrator Kathryn Shuff. You can see more of her stuff here.


Gulf Coast Fan Fest (Mississippi Coast Convention Center, Biloxi, October 13 & 14): Hercules! Hercules! – Kevin Sorbo will be making an appearance at Gulf Coast Fan Fest. He will be joining Ray Park, Sam Jones, Peter Davison, Jason Mewes, Denise Crosby, and Seth Gilliam. This is going to be a great con, and we can’t wait for it!


Pensacon (Downtown Pensacola, Pensacola, February 22-24, 2019): I don’t know how Pensacon does it, but they get guests announced for their next con as soon as they present one closes. Ok, we do know how they do it. They treat their guests fantastically and equally. Artist Tony Isabella has remarked to us how wonderful he gets treated at this con. It shows in the guests that they get. I wouldn’t be surprised if plenty of artists and celebrity guests spread the wonderfulness of Pensacon amongst themselves. Here are just a few of the guests announced for 219: Kevin Conroy, Jonathan Frakes, Catherine Tate, Orlando Jones, Timothy Zahn, Charles Fleischer, Sean Gunn, Paul Freeman, Julian Glover, Diamond Dallas Page, Karen Allen. This is about one-fourth of the people they have announced. We will go through them more as we get closer to the con. Also, it will be Nola Nerd Baby’s first birthday on the Friday of Pensacon! She will think it’s a giant party for her!

Star Wars-ing: Celebration News

Star Wars fans love Celebration. The five day passes for adults and kids have sold out! Saturday tickets as well. We had to go out of town for a family medical emergency, so we are thankful we bought our tickets before we left!

Celebration will bring back the stages and panels that have been a feature at the previous shows. The Celebration stage, which will be at Wintrust Arena, will have the stars from the saga as well as entertainment productions. The Galaxy stage will have some celebrity guests and other Star Wars entertainment. The Behind-the-Scene stage will feature those artists and craftspeople who make Star Wars. The Fan stage allows fans to be in control of the content. The Collectors stage is always a treasure trove of information from some of the greatest collectors of Star Wars memorabilia. One of our favorite stages, Star Wars University, will be back as well. Many of the presentations at this stage are workshop type panels where you can learn the finer points of crafts such as writing, art, vegetable carving(!), and more. Finally, the Live stage will be on the show floor. This area will often be streaming interviews and panels and usually draws great crowds.

As you know, we do podcasts as well as keep up this blog. Unfortunately, we had to put the podcast on hold due to the extreme naseau. We plan on bringing it back soon (hopefully before the end of June). Well, Star Wars Celebration has a Podcast Stage and we will be throwing our hat’s into the ring. We will probably focus on Star Wars autograph collecting but are brainstorming other ideas as well.  If you are a podcaster, you can fill out the application here.

Check back weekly for more updates!


ComicCon-ing: MS Comic Con, Louisiana Comic Con, and Gulf Coast Fan Fest Updates


Mississippi Comic Con (MS Trade Mart in Jackson, Mississippi, June 23-24): Woah.  I didn’t see this coming.  Not at all. Mississippi Comic con added Linda Blair to their list of celebrities coming to Jackson. The Exorcist is the greatest horror film ever and one of the best films to examine what it means to believe in something greater than yourself. Her acting is instrumental to the film’s success. For any serious horror fan autograph collector, she is a must get.  Joining her in Jackson will be the savior of the universe, Sam Jones.  Mr. Jones played the title character in Flash Gordon and himself in Ted. If you can’t get enough fun at the con there is the after party at Hal and Mal’s after. Editor’s note: We can’t make it to this con due to Nola Nerd Baby’s christening. So everyone going have fun for us and tell Ms. Blair hello for us!


Louisiana Comic Con (The CajunDome, Lafayette, October 6&7): This con will be held on October 6 & 7 at the Cajundome in Lafayette.  Joining Eisner award winner Rob Gillory will be Paul Blake. Mr. Blake is best known for his role as Greedo in Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope.  If you are a fan of Nintendo and Mario, then Charles Martinet is a must meet for you.  He is a great con guest and is super entertaining to all the fans that meet him. Besides voicing Mario, he has done voice work in Skyrim and acted in The Game as Micheal Douglas’s father.



Gulf Coast Fan Fest (Mississippi Coast Convention Center, Biloxi, October 13 & 14):  This con already has a great lineup and they keep adding to it weekly.  Rick Worthy of The Magians and Supernatural will be appearing at the con. One of my favorite artists, Ken Kelly, will be at the con.  He painted the covers for Love Gun and Destroyer by KISS. One of the few Star Trek members I haven’t met yet is Denis Crosby.  Maybe I can fix that the GCFF.  Also, appearing will be William Katt, or as I like to call him The Greatest American Hero.

Next week: A family illness kept us away last week, so we apologize for missing a week. Next week, we will add Pensacon to the rotation since they are announcing guests already!