Parenting: Sick Baby Girl

About two weeks ago, the Nola Nerd Baby developed a cough. The weather had changed, and it was the beginning of cough and cold season in this area. She started with the cough on a Saturday and instantly needed more sleep than usual. We did the saline solution and the nosefrida.

By Wednesday, she didn’t want to eat solid foods nor take her bottle. I was actually worried for strep since it seemed to pain her to eat. Mommy stayed home with her and took her to the doctor. The doctor said her throat, ears, and chest were clear. She decided to run the test for RSV even though all signs pointed to her not having it. The test came back positive.  

Such a trooper…I mean Vader!!!

We caught it really early and kept her home for the rest of the week. Luckily, she never had a fever and never really lost her happiness. They prescribed breathing treatments and the first time we gave her one she was dancing and smiling. She allowed us to put the breathing mask on and often just sat there watching TV or took a nap during the treatment. 

We were lucky it didn’t develop into anything worse. This little girl is tough. She was slowed down, but she was never out.  She never really had a change in her personality.  She just ate less and slept more.  Selfishly, I didn’t mind staying home with her for two days. Neither did granny on the third day.

Being older first-time parents, we have benefited from so many friends and relatives having children.  We cherish their advice, but we have subconsciously been paying attention to how other parents handle these type of events in the hope that one day our miracle would come. We are also fortunate that our daycare is perfect for us. They watch our child during the day but help raise us as parents when we drop-off and pick up our angel every day.

Our nearest family lives an hour away. It makes it hard sometimes, but we know it’s even worse for some of our friends and family. We do appreciate all the help we get and are incredibly thankful for it!

From our family to yours, Happy Thanksgiving!

Parenting: Dealing with Body Trauma After Having Our Little One

Last week, Mrs. Nola Nerd Couple had her gallbladder removed.

She had been experiencing pain on her left side since the baby was born.  She’s been easily nauseated and quite often would just have to vomit.  Most of these episodes were after a fatty meal.

However, while she had many of the symptoms, she wasn’t a textbook case.  Her general practitioner didn’t think it was the gallbladder but recommended her to a surgeon anyway.  The surgeon said she checked off enough of the boxes to make the decision to remove it.

So, let’s recap.  Since the conception of the Nola Nerd Baby, Mrs. Nola Nerd Couple has had extreme nausea, pre-partum depression, rapid weight loss during pregnancy, early delivery due to preeclampsia, three ER visits after birth also due to preeclampsia, and now this.

So, the Nola Nerd Baby has been at the center of this stormy, turbulent, terrifying year. But like all centers of a storm, she has been our quiet refugee.  She has comforted us more than we have ever had to comfort her.  She has been the best healing tool for mommy this week.  She has provided giggles and, even, cuddles (she is a very independent baby).

According to my wife, the Nola Nerd Baby is more than worth all the trauma that has been placed on her body.

In fact, she wouldn’t have it any other way. Well, maybe less pain, but still…