StarWars-ing: Star Wars Celebration Announces More Authors

Star Wars Celebration Chicago added to their lineup of Star Wars authors that will be appearing at the convention! This was already a super strong author lineup, and Celebration just beefed it up some more.

EK Johnston: Ms. Johnston is primarily a young author writer, and has previously published the novel, Ahsoka, for Star Wars.  Her upcoming novel is the Queen’s Shadow, which comes out on March 9, 2019. The story follows Padme as she steps down from being queen and joins the senate.

Justina Ireland: Ms. Ireland has written Lando’s Luck, a story geared toward younger readers.

Zoraida Cordova: Ms. Cordova is a novelist and short story writer.  Her foray in the Star Wars galaxy was a contribution on the short story collection entitled From a Certain Point of View.

StarWars-ing: The Podcast Stage

Well, we applied for the Star Wars Celebration Podcast stage, but we weren’t selected. It wasn’t a surprise.  We haven’t recorded in a while due to some health issues. Well, that and the fact that there are so many great podcasts that cover all the facets of Star Wars.  I try to listen to as many as I can and quite a few of those made the podcast stage in Chicago.

The Skytalkers Podcast is quickly becoming one of my favorite podcasts in general, not just a Star Wars podcast. The hosts are smart and literate.  They bring a fresh look at the franchise and often discuss things that other people overlook.  For instance, they have an entire episode on the crawls and I learned quite a bit from it.

Coffee with Kenobi is another podcast that I listen to frequently. One of the reasons why I like this show is that a few of the hosts are educators. They also look at the saga in an in-depth manner. They have recently done a set of shows about “5 Things We Love About…” the different installments of the saga.  It was surprising and a refreshing look.  The Coffee with Kenobi is an entire network of podcasts and you should really check them out.

Between now and Star Wars Celebration I will be listening to a lot of the podcasts that made the stage and highlighting them here.  So stay tuned!

Oh, and may the force be with you!

StarWars-ing: Star Wars News Roundup

One of our favorite Star Wars authors is back writing one of our favorite characters in the Star Wars Universe.  Timothy Zahn is writing a third Star Wars Thrawn novel!  Thrawn is the perfect character to explore in the written word due to his methodical approach to everything.  He is the kind of character that you want to savor which makes him perfect for books. Mr. Zahn will be at Pensacon in 2019 and will be appearing at Star Wars Celebration as well.  We are looking forward to meeting him again in Florida, and attending any panels he is on at Celebration. It should be released next summer.

Darth Vader has been a wonderful character to explore in comics.  Charles Soule and Kieron Gillen have done excellent work with the character for Marvel. Now, writer Dennis Hopeless and artists Paolo Villanelli and Brian Level will bring us Vader – Dark Visions.  It will be a limited series run.  Thge comic should be out in March 2019.

Also, since Christmas is coming up, you may want to buy this for the Star Wars fan in your life. This keyboard is coded in Aurebesh!