Fandoming: Let People Have Their Fandoms

Social media is a strange, fascinating place. It allows for access to people which we would never have.  This isn’t just actors, musicians, authors, and directors.  It allows us to make friends with people we wouldn’t normally meet.

This should be a good thing, and for the most part, it is.  Most people let others enjoy what they enjoy.  Some enter in healthy debate. This is fantastic.  I’ve learned more about Star Wars, Tolkien, Buffy, etc, from reading message boards, twitter, and facebook than I would have if I majored in them.

However, we all have our reasons for our fandoms. For example, I love Buffy because I identified with Giles, not the Scooby Gang or Angel.  I’m certain that the people like me are much smaller than the other groups that like Buffy.

Everyone has their reasons for their fandom.  It might not make sense to us, but as long as it doesn’t hurt people, let them have it.  If people want to ship Rey and Kylo, then let them.  If people like She-Ra for feminist reasons, then let them.

If it doesn’t affect you and if it doesn’t hurt you, then let it be.


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