Fandoming: Slowing Down

We used to consume lots of content. We would watch the Arrowverse, Agents of Shield, Riverdale, and Once Upon a Time. Every week.

Not anymore. Belonging to fandoms has slowed down for us.

We slowed down mainly because of the pregnancy. Now, we prefer spending time with the baby. This makes writing a nerd blog slightly harder. Let’s face it, we have to consume content and have experiences to be able to produce content. It’s a cycle.

We will eventually catch up. Sooner or later, we will be able to not interject “no spoilers” in conversations with people who have similar interests.

Worse, Mrs. Nola Nerd Couple is still having some issues and still has more tests to run. This makes providing content even harder, especially when it comes to doing podcasts.

However, slowing down doesn’t mean stopping anymore. It means we will have to get more inventive with keeping alive. If you haven’t followed us on social media, please do so. If you are a loyal reader and love to write but don’t want to have a full-time blog, write for us. When you think about it, everything has a fandom, and everything has its nerds.

Stick with us, we will bounce back.

We always do.

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