Star Wars-ing: Star Wars Links for November 7, 2018

Our reactions to Star Wars links from around the web in the last week. 

Box Office: ‘Solo’ Failure And ‘Last Jedi’ Backlash Won’t Hurt ‘Star Wars IX’: Seriously why would it? Especially in Solo’s case.  It’s box office “failure” is more of a planning failure.  The film is a good film; they just took a chance on new vision and they didn’t like it.  Once they made the mistake, they did the right thing and gave the new guy space and money to make the film he envisioned.  I think this is this is Disney’s boldest decision yet and will payoff greatly in the future.  As far as the backlash, those people won’t go, but most people don’t really know about the backlash.  The backlash is only really from people who obsess over Star Wars. People like my mom, who wasn’t a huge fan of The Last Jedi, will see Episode XI, and there are a lot more people like her.  This is hard for people who are both anti and pro The Last Jedi in the Star Wars fan community to understand. We are the minority of people who watch Star Wars films.

Adam Driver Was Somehow Incredibly Surprised That ‘Star Wars’ Made Him Much More Famous:  The subtitle of this article states “Who’d have thought being the chief bad guy in a globe-swallowing franchise would raise your profile.”  That’s snarky for no reason. Actually, its refreshing to read that he  didn’t think he would be recognized that much. The article in which this comes from is much more in depth.

We don’t post spoiler articles, so that’s it for this week!

2 thoughts on “Star Wars-ing: Star Wars Links for November 7, 2018

  1. I was as big of a Star Wars fan as there is. I really enjoyed and was encouraged by The Force Awakens and I absolutely loved Rogue One. However, But The Last Jedi wasn’t just a bad film, it was a total insult and an abomination. It gave the middle finger to the single most important character in the franchise – Luke Skywalker. I agree with Mark Hamill – the Last Jedi’s Luke would be better called Jake Skywalker. I didn’t bother to see Solo and I’ll never bother with any Disney Star Wars movie again. And I know very many who feel exactly the same way. Episodes 1 & 2 were bad movies but they did not mess with the heart of the franchise. Not one bit. But TLJ destroyed the heart of Star Wars. I’ll forever consider Episodes 1-6 & Rogue One to be canon. Will never bother with the rest. And to be clear this is not a “stance” I’m taking. It’s just an honest reaction and result.


    • I’m still not a big fan of The Last Jedi as a complete work (it has pacing issues for me), but I actually love Luke’s arc. I love the crisis of faith his character has before he finally gives himself to the Force. I understand not liking it. I really do. But that speaks more to what I bring to watching it.


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