Star Wars-ing: Why Celebration Tickets Go So Fast

Star Wars Celebration tweeted on October 15 that Friday tickets were 98% gone.  By the time most new sites and blogs posted their story, they were gone.

I decided to look at the replies to the post.  A couple of people were questioning while sales were so early for Celebration, especially since there have been no real announcements coming from Celebration.  There have been only two panel stage hosts announced.  We still don’t have a clue of the celebrity guests nor programming.  They wondered why people are buying tickets in such circumstances.

We get it.  A lot of cons don’t announce guests until two-three months before the show, and Celebration is no exception.  But let’s face it, most cons, no matter the financial power behind them, are regional cons.  Star Wars Celebration is not a regional con.  It’s not even a national con.  People from around the world come to Celebration.

They have to announce and sell tickets early because of this.  Celebration requires people to work around work.  For a lot of fans, this is there 2019 vacation.  Hotel’s and transportation have to be booked.  We booked our hotel right away but had to wait for flights to be announced. We also have to find a babysitter. This takes months, not weeks, of planning for us.

Also, we have already started saving for Celebration.  Autographs, pins, comics, and other Star  Wars collectibles cost money.  (I always describe conventions as jewelry shows for nerds to my friends that have no clue what happens at these things).  We always say we are going to cut back and then Celebration announces people we have never met before (in 2017 Hayden Christensen and Sarah Michelle Gellar hit our pocketbooks hard…and before they announced we had hardly purchased any autographs.)  By paying for our tickets early, we can then purchase the autograph tickets when they become available without killing our budget.

So yeah, we are thankful that Star Wars Celebration was announced early.

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