Star Wars-ing: Star Wars Links

Star Wars Authentics Releases Resistance Photos:  Star Wars Authentics, which is run by TOPPS, is the official source for Star Wars photographs.  For autograph seekers like us, this is where we go to get photos for conventions and Star Wars Celebration.  Well, they just released a slew of photos from Star Wars Resistance.  Who knows, maybe we will see a few of the voice actors at Celebration Chicago?

Star Wars Celebration Tickets: 5-Day and Saturday tickets sold out quickly.  Friday, tickets sold out this past weekend.  If you are planning on going, you need to act now.

Star Wars Halloween Mood Table:  You love Star Wars and being crafty? has a great idea for you to decorate for the second best holiday season of the year. (For us, it’s the regional holiday you dress up for).

Looser Episode IX: According to Oscar Isaac, filming for the latest installment in the saga has been “looser” with more improv. He credits JJ Abrams feeling less pressure which in turn puts less pressure on everyone else.






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