Star Wars-ing: Catching Up

On Monday, we wrote about how the Mrs. had to have her gallbladder removed.  Between all the tests she’s had to do up until the surgery, it’s been hard keeping up with all the Star Wars news that’s being released:

Star Wars Resistance:  The new Star Wars animated series debuted this weekend.  Since the Mrs. has her surgery, she is still feeling the after effects so we haven’t had a chance to watch. When we do, we will put our thoughts here or on a podcast. So far, the reception for it seems to be overwhelming positive.

NYCC:  At New York Comic Con, a new book written by Alexander Freed called Alphabet Squadron will tell the story of pilots of the rebellion chasing down leftover Imperials after the events of Return of the Jedi. The book should be out in 2019. We really need to catch up on some reading before Celebration.

The Mandalorain:  Disney announced some of the directors for its upcoming live-action streaming series, The Mandalorian.  Some of the confirmed directors are Dave Filoni (The Clone Wars & Rebels), Taika Waititi (Thor: Ragnarok), Bryce Dallas Howard (Call Me Crazy: A Five Film), Rick Famuyiwa (Dope), and Deborah Chow (Reign).   Jon Favreau is the showrunner and producer for the series. Favreau teased auidences with this setup on instagram:

After the stories of Jango and Boba Fett, another warrior emerges in the Star Wars universe. The Mandalorian is set after the fall of the Empire and before the emergence of the First Order. We follow the travails of a lone gunfighter in the outer reaches of the galaxy far from the authority of the New Republic.

We are thrilled by this line-up.  We are huge fans of Filoni’s work, of course, and Thor: Ragnarok is one of our favorite movies in the MCU.  Ms. Howard has is now a veteran actor and has seen quite a few good directors in action.  Hopefully, they will each bring a unique vision to each episode.

Episode IX Casting:  Matt Smith and Dominic Monaghan will be appearing in Episode IX.  We don’t like finding out too much about upcoming Episodes, but we know that these two can bring a lot to the saga.  We are hoping that they are more than just teases and actually have meaningful roles (I’m still salty about the lack of screen time Max Von Sydow had in The Force Awakens.

Kathleen Kennedy is Still In Charge: And why shouldn’t she be? Because some fans don’t like The Last Jedi? I don’t like Attack of the Clones, but I didn’t think George Lucas should be fired. Also, the “fans” that keep saying the franchise isn’t making money doesn’t really understand how movie finance works. Did Solo hit a bump in the road and under performed? Yes, and Kathleen Kennedy is to blame for that. However, she could have hired a director to just finish the film, the way Warner Bros did with Justice League when Mr. Snyder had to leave the project.  Instead, they decided to allow Ron Howard to make the film he wanted to make. I can see where people think this was a financial mistake, but I, for one, applaud Ms. Kennedy and Disney for wanting to create a good film to over just cranking out a mediocre film.  Besides, as this website shows, she has more touchdowns than punts.

We still have to do so much catching up.  We purchased Solo, but still haven’t had time to watch it with the Mrs.’s medical issues. We are trying our best to get her better in time for Celebration in Chicago in 2019!

May the force be with you!

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