StarWars-ing: Teachers in Star Wars

This month, has been running a quiz called WHICH STAR WARS CHARACTER SHOULD BE YOUR TEACHER?  The quiz paired me with Tobias Beckett, a character from Solo.  I have no idea if this is correct because we didn’t get to see Solo in theaters because we could never match up the time we had with a babysitter. The quiz asks better questions than most quizzes of this kind ask.

It did get me thinking about teachers in Star Wars.  This is a subject we are something we of an expert on since it is our day job. Actually, no.  This is just us having fun.

Yoda:  Yoda never really tells you the objective of the lesson.  He is more of discovery learning type of teacher.  He has a well planned lesson but the pupil is responsible for figuring it out. This is great for the motivated, patient student, but the learner who needs lots of redirection could have a problem.

Obi-Wan: Obi is an involved teacher.  He will do the lesson with the student but not do it for the student.  He trusts the student has a team member. This is great, but sometimes students need more discipline.

Palpatine:  He is that professor that doesn’t care about his students at all, only his career.  They do the research and he takes the credit. He forgets who you are as soon as the semester is over, unless other academics start to notice you.  Then he destroys you and your career.

Ashoka: From what we have seen, she is the motivated new teacher.  She technically didn’t have a padawan yet, but she has led a group on a field trip.  She’s resourceful and knows how to think on her feet, which makes up for her lack of planning.

Luke:  His pupils turned on him. Was it a really bad class, or did he lack management skills?

Qui-Gon Jin: He is the rebel teacher that plays fast and loose with the rules.  He doesn’t do anything to get fired, but if he agrees with the administration he will do it his own way. The students love him so they don’t snitch.

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