NOLAing: Upcoming Things to Do in New Orleans

Irish Fest New Orleans 2018

The Irish Fest is a celebration of Irish culture. The event will be held at Kingsley House on Constance St in New Orleans. Of course, there will be great food and, probably, Guinness. There will be muic including headliners Lost Bayou Ramblers. Plus, there will be dance lessons and competitions, cooking contest, lectures from local experts (this is the big draw for us), bagpipers, and a kilt runway show.

History on the Lake

If you want to head to Slidell, you can tour PT-305. 

The PT-305 was built in New Orleans by Higgins Industries and was vital to the success in the European theater in WWII. For $12 for adults and $10 for kids 8-17, you can tour this fully, and faithfully, restored patrol-torpedo boat.

Restaurant New Orleans

This weekend is the tail end of the New Orleans Restaurant Week. Check out the restaurant week website and treat yo’ self!

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