StarWars-ing: Star Wars Links for September 12!

Former ‘Solo’ Star Still Hopes to Join An:other Star Wars Film: One of more questionable parenting decisions was to rewatch The Wire when feeding the baby.  I’m afraid she will now walk down the street whistling the Farmer in the Dell. Because if any one from that show could have created an indelible impression on my young child, it was Michael K. Williams’ magnificent turn as Omar Little.  He was cast in Solo, but didn’t make it into the final film and was recast.  It wasn’t because he was bad, obviously, but couldn’t commit to re-shoots with Ron Howard. If he is cast again the saga, make him a good guy, but one you don’t want to mess with. (Note: we still haven’t seen Solo! We have to wait for the physical release because we are too vested in Disney’s points program)

Star Wars Celebration News!:  Star Wars Celebration Chicago has announced two of their hosts for the event and they are two of the best: Amy Ratcliffe and David Collins. We have attended multiple panels that they have hosted in the past and they do a phenomenal job of asking the right questions but not making it about them. Ms. Ratcliffe will host the Behind-the-Scenes Stage while Mr. Collins will host the Galaxy stage.  (To get a rundown of the stages check out our earlier blog here)starwarslinks

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