Parenting: Living in a Tropical Storm Area

We never really have been afraid of low level tropical storms.  Hurricanes, yes, but where we live, tropical storms aren’t cause for alarm besides taking care of your lawn.

That was before having a kid.


Before having a kid, we can go without electricity for awhile.  With a baby, it becomes a different ball game. We don’t have a generator yet and that is something we have to consider purchasing in the future.  Luckily, our house stays cool if the sun doesn’t come out, so in a tropical storm this shouldn’t happen.  We lowered the air all day and took care of the outside.

And Gordon never came.

Now, the Nola Nerd Couple work at the same school. Our district was extremely cautious and decided to shut down the day before landfall (it was to hit around midnight) and the day after.  As a parent, I will always think this is the right decision. This isn’t a poltical blog, so we won’t say any more than that.

We took the two days as a gift.  We got to spend more time with our favorite human. We played on the floor trying to see if she would crawl.  She’s close but not yet there.  She is getting better at sitting up.  We sang songs. We babbled with her.


But what if the storm would have turned to us instead of toward Alabama? Our school board made the right decision.  Nothing means more to us than our child.

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