Star Wars: Star Wars Links

Our day jobs don’t allow us to do breaking news. So in this weekly feature, we will give our reactions to Star Wars news. 

Rain Johnson Calls Out a YouTuber: Normally, I put links on this write-up, but I couldn’t find one that actually told the story correctly.  A certain Star Wars youtuber, who I won’t mention, has found a way to make money from making up rumors about Star Wars films. From a capitalist point of view, this is fine, but he his making stuff up.  In a tweet that has since been deleted, Rian Johnson remarked in a joking way how they had someone keep tabs on the fake reports basically to have a laugh at. He deleted it because he felt it was mean.  We don’t agree. The youtuber is making money making up stuff about Rain’s work.  In the big scheme of things his videos don’t matter, but it is unethical. Furthermore, he has made up rumors about Johnson’s upcoming trilogy that have no foundation. Not only Johnson should shut him down, but so should Lucasfilm.

Solo: A Star Wars Story novel adds amazing scenes, characterization: I can’t wait to read this article and book, but I have to.  We never got to see Solo because it was just too difficult to get a sitter. Luckily, the Nola Nerd Baby is cute enough to make up for it.

Today’s Star Wars: Episode IX Black Park Location 2 jungle set photos!: We don’t normally look up a because a lot of stuff about current Star Wars filming, mainly because it is a minefield.  The only site we trust is


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