Parenting: Baby Has to Eat

The Nola Nerd Baby loves food.  Well, as of this writing, she has only tried four vegetables but she loved them all.


We received from her aunt, Geekella, a Baby Bullet for the baby shower. It’s a simple and easy to use device, but honestly any blender can do. The best part about the baby bullet is the storage it comes with.  The six containers, with date markers on them, make storing the food easy.  It also comes with a plastic freezer container that allows you to, with a little bit of effort, pop out one serving at a time.

As far as the food, it’s not that hard to make baby food.  We have used frozen and fresh vegetables. So far we have made peas, carrots (both frozen), zucchini, and sweet potatoes bought at the local farmers market. We steam or boil the vegetables, let them cool, and put them in the blender.  We add water to puree them. It’s really a quick process and easy process.

We only give her one food at a time right now to ensure she’s not allergic to anything. She hasn’t shown any signs of colic, but, in an effort to embarrass her when she is old enough to read this, she has had some killer gas as of late.  Like the kind where the Mrs. accuses me of doing it!

We can’t wait to introduce her to more vegetables in the upcoming months!

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