Parenting: We Didn’t Put Baby on a Schedule, But Here We Are

From the very beginning, we choose to be on demand parents.  We fed her when she was hungry and put her to bed when she was tired. We never tried to do a schedule, but she found one anyway.

She developed her own schedule.  She wakes up, plays for about a half hour and then wants a bottle.  Then she’s pretty much every four hours after that.

We tried to put her to bed early, around 7:30.  She didn’t want that She wanted to go to bed around 6 and then she would sleep for 12 hours.

People ask us how we did it. We didn’t do anything.  We just listened to her and what she wanted. We aren’t smart enough to have an actual secret.  I bet when you ask most parents most of them will say they learned how to be a parent from listening to what their child needed.

And if she wants to change again, we will listen to her. At least while she is a baby.

2 thoughts on “Parenting: We Didn’t Put Baby on a Schedule, But Here We Are

    • Thanks! She is both of those things. Her daycare said she threw her first “tantrum” the other day. They were a little shocked because she hadn’t done that before. We know she’s not perfect, but she is everything we wanted, and more importantly, needed.


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