ComicCon-ing: Dragon Con and other Fan Conventions for Labor Day Weekend 2018

Of course, we can’t provide an exhaustive list of all the cons around the county.  We highly recommend checking out Previews World convention calendar for a great list of cons not only in the US but around the world.

We try to highlight a few cons we would love to attend if money and time were no object.  We look for cons that have guests from our favorite fandoms: Star Wars, Harry Potter, Doctor Who, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and The Wire.  I know The Wire isn’t generally promoted at cons, but thankfully the Walking Dead has hired many of these actors, so some are starting to do cons.  Also, while many of these cons have wonderful entertainment schedules, we are autograph collectors at heart, so we definitely look at the guests that are listed in decided which ones make our wish list!

So, if we could, these are just a few places we would like to be this upcoming weekend!

Dragon Con:  Surprisingly, we have never been to Dragon Con, even though we really want to attend. Our friends that have attended rave about the con and every write up we ever read about it shows that it is an amazing convention. The great thing about Dragon Con is that it seems to truly place its author and creator guests on the same level as their celebrity guests. If you look at their featured guest page, there is no division amongst the two groups. Guests include Peter Capaldi, Mike Colter, Larry Elmore, Ric Flair, Brian Henson, Elizabeth Henstridge, Jason Isaacs, Georges Jeanty, Evangeline Lilly, Pearl Mackie, Larry Niven, Christopher Paolini, Craig Parker, Gail Simone,  Benedict Wong, and Timothy Zahn.  For Star Wars Fans, joining Isaacs and Zahn will be Tom Kenny, Gina Torres, and Cas Anver. Our favorite Star Wars youtube channel, Star Wars Explained, will be on a few panels at Dragon Con as well as discussing such topics as “New Star Wars Canon” and “Episode IX Speculation.”  If you are going to Dragon Con, make sure you rest up plenty of days before because it is con with little down time. Dragon Con is in Atlanta, Georgia from August 30 to September 3.

Fan Expo Canada: Fan Expo runs a great set of cons and their Toronto con doesn’t appear to be any different.  Celebrity Guests include Micheal J. Fox, Jason Momoa, Evangeline Lilly, Triple H, The Miz, Lucy Lawless, Ray Park, Peter Mayhew, Karen Gillan, Cary Elwes, Gary Lockwook,Keir Dullea, and many more. They also have an impressive list of comic creators including Charles Soule, Chris Ryall, John Byrne, Scott Snyder, Greg Capullo, Tom King, Nick Spencer, Majorie Liu, and many more.


2 thoughts on “ComicCon-ing: Dragon Con and other Fan Conventions for Labor Day Weekend 2018

  1. My wife and I were vendors/Artist Alley sellers for the past 7-8 years up and down the West Coast. Dragon Con is on my list of ones I’d love to attend. Avoid all the Fan Expo cons. Poorly managed and many guests don’t tend to want to return. Vancouver is our home town and we are choosing not to do Fan Expo Vancouver this fall. One of the best cons we’ve been to is Emerald City in Seattle. I recommend that one- but it’s not until mid March.


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