Star Wars-ing: Star Wars Celebration Important Dates

Star Wars Celebration is a great place for fans of Star Wars to show off their talents whether it be in artwork, props, podcasting, and fan led panels.

The Art Show: According to Celebration’s website, the “Star Wars Celebration Art Show is open to official artists of Lucasfilm, Disney and of the companies’ licensees only. If you have created official work for Lucasfilm, Disney, or one of their licensees, you will be able to submit your work to be considered for the juried selection of the Celebration Art Show.”  Submissions are due by August 15.  Eligible artists need to present three to five examples of their artwork along with a summary of their working relationship with Lucasfilm. Artists who make it past the first round will have to develop a concept for the show for a final evaluation.

Fan Built Props and Sets: If you are one of those fantastic craftspeople who love to tinker and build props and sets, then fill out the application so all of us Star Wars fans can see it. You do have to give details of size for your prop/set.  The deadline is August 15, and all applicants will be informed of their status by Holloween.

The Podcast Stage: This is a dream for us!  We applied for the last one but didn’t get it. We will apply for this one too!.  Of all the fandoms out there, none rival the amount nor the quality of  Star Wars podcasts. Podcasts should be “historically Star Wars-themed and family friendly.”  Keep your fingers crossed for us! (and check out our podcasts here!).  Deadline for this is September 11, and all applicants will be notified of final decisions by November 14. If we don’t get selected, you will probably find Mr. Nola Nerd Couple in this room quite a bit as he loves Star Wars podcasts!

Fan Tables: Celebration puts aside a few tables for “unofficial, regional, and international fan clubs and similar fan organizations. These tables will allow clubs to promote their organizations to other Star Wars fans and to act as a central location for club activities.” We love going by these tables and find out about the organizations and all the excellent work they do in the name of Star Wars fandom. Deadline is September 11.


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