DoctorWho-ing: Getting Excited for the 13th Doctor


We came to Doctor Who really late. We started watching the Doctor toward the end of Matt Smith’s run but before Peter Capaldi was announced. We were in grad school, so we had little time to dedicate ourselves to watching something new, so we were very selective.

In fact, we probably started watching because a lot of kids that have similar tastes to ours in school began to have Doctor Who school bags and lunch kits and telling us we should watch.

We almost quit in the first season on the episode with the farting aliens.  If you are new to the Whoverse or haven’t watched yet keep watching.  It will pay off.  In fact, it was just a few episodes that this show did something to me that Star Trek or any other tv sci-fi show has ever done – it made me cry.  The Doctor Dances does it to me every single time.  That’s when we knew were hooked.

Then, David Tennant made us cry a lot. Matt Smith, who is the only con guest we didn’t enjoy meeting (more on that later), got us all in our feelings.  Those years made us love the show even more. We love Peter Capaldi, but we didn’t find his arcs didn’t have the same emotional attachment until the very end (also more on that later).

We can’t wait for the 13th Doctor.  This is a show that has over 50 years of stories and having Jodie Whittaker at the helm frees up the writers to take the Doctor places, he she has never been before.

So watch this space for more Doctor Who blogs, think pieces, convention experiences, and hot takes!

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