Parenting: How I Stopped Being Terrified of the Baby

No one was more nervous about having a baby than I was.  I was terrified of everything. I wasn’t even sure how I would carry her up and down the stairs.

Then the baby came.

I wasn’t scared anymore.

Now, I didn’t really have a chance.  The Mrs. went into the hospital 5 days after she was born and needed rest, so it was only the baby and me at home for two nights.

Of course, we love to cry every week, so we watch This Is Us.  The above gif made me feel slightly better.  Since the birth of the baby, that statement has truly resonated with me.

It’s true. I realized who I had become when I looked in her eyes the first time. I understood the new best life my path was taking.  It’s incredible that before you have the child, you don’t know what to do.  You can read the books, listen to stories of others, and watch every video on parenting, but nothing gets you as ready for parenthood as looking in the baby’s eyes does.

In the words of Garuda Singh, the baby tells you who you are.

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