ComicCon-ing: Mechacon New Orleans

Every nerd has their blind spot.  A subject matter that they are weak on.  For us, it is anime. It’s not that we don’t like it.  We just never have really delved into the area.

That’s the main reason why we don’t go to MechaCon.  Also, it is the one con that a lot of our students attend.  They would love to see us there, but it almost feels like we are intruding.

Yet, I’ve never heard of any of them having a bad time at the con.  In fact, a few parents have told us they accompany their children to the hotel where it is held and wait in the lobby and just enjoy the creativity by the people that attend Mechacon.

This year the con is held at the Hyatt Regency Dowtown New Orleans near the Superdome. There are some great restaurants in the area and its a great venue.

Some guests include:

  • Anjali Bhimani: Ms. Bhimani has done voice work in Overwatch and Fallout 4 as well as appearing on Modern Family.
  • Mary Elizabeth McGlynn: Ms. McGlynn is best known is this house for voicing Governor Pryce in Star Wars Rebels.  She has done extensive voice work in anime and in games as well as voice directed quite a few gaming titles.
  • Beau Billingslea: Mr. Billingslea has appeared in Star Trek: Into the Darkness as well as doing voice work on Naruto and many other projects. He has also done quite a bit of narration for the History Channel.

There are tons more guests at MechaCon from the acting, cosplay, and music worlds.

They also have some great programming including many how to panels. If we were to go, this would be a con where I would just probably be in the creative panels all day long.  That, and, of course, the K-Pop dance offs. Plus, there are gaming and video rooms.

MechaCon is a great con for the city. The anime community is strong in this area and judging from the feedback from current and former students, MechaCon does right by the community.


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