StarWars-ing: The Problem With Having Star Wars Day on Wednesday

Wednesday has been traditionally reserved for Star Wars on except for around movie releases and Celebration. It was randomly picked.  In fact, it was until after we started publishing our blogs about the saga on Wednesday’s that we realized that’s The Star Wars Show was released on Wednesday as well.

So we were in good company last week. Why?  Because of all the good stuff announced at San Diego Comic Con!

Tons of announcements were made last week about new books (one on Padme finally!), comics, and toys were made last week.  But the biggest and most shocking news came on Thursday afternoon –  The Clone Wars will be brought back in 2019!

We actually did a podcast recapping SDCC including all of the DC, Doctor Who, and Star Wars stuff we could find on Sunday.  We, however, had some technical difficulties (mainly I’m an idiot sometimes) and the episode had to be scrapped.  We will try to record a new one soon.  The Clone Wars is really the first Star Wars that we shared together as a nerd couple so it means a lot to both of us.

In some local Star Wars news, Mechacon will be held this weekend at the Hyatt Regency. This is an anime, gaming, and animation con that has been held in New Orleans for years. Appearing this year will be Mary Elizabeth McGlynn who portrays Governor Pryce on Star Wars Rebels.

As far as other cons go, if you are attending the London Comic Con this weekend you have hit the jackpot (or bankrupt, depending) for Star Wars autographs.  There is just too many people to name here. Stateside, the Raleigh Supercon has some great voice actors that appeared on The Clone Wars and Rebels.

Till next time, may the force be with you, friends!

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