ComicCon-ing: Social Anxiety and San Deigo Comic Con

It’s the SuperBowl of nerd events. It’s the World Cup of comic conventions. San Diego Comic Con is upon us, and it’s this weekend.

And it may be the one con that I’m not sure I ever want to attend.

Comic conventions are a paradox when you think about it. While I have no scientific data to back it up, I assume that most nerds are more introverted than extroverted. They allow us a place to go where we feel (mostly) comfortable. (It is a little different for non-males, let’s be honest). Even though they are crowded, we can usually find our tribes. Our tribe tends to be autograph collectors with whom we strike up conversations. But cosplayers, gamers, writers can always find a group of people to hang out with during the convention.

SDCC offers all those same things. However, on a much larger scale. That’s the part that makes me nervous about ever attending. I’m not sure my social anxiety could handle it.

Considering my day job as a teacher, I know it’s odd that I would have social anxiety. My job is dealing with the public, and I’m good at it. However, it is exhausting. Going to events like concerts and cons – both things I love – is as exhausting as well. I’m glad I go to them. Especially comic conventions. We have met so many cool people and developed some great friendships just from our con experiences and this blog. One time we got recognized at a con. It was one of those moments that made me love going to cons and doing this blog.

In other words, even though it would feel me with dread up until we got there, I would still love to attend SDCC. To experience it. I would enjoy people watching. Plus, the number of comic creators I would like to meet. I’m sure I would find members of my tribe to make new friends with. For this is the great thing about conventions – it brings nerds who would never meet together.

However, if we ever do go, it will have to be a ways off. We would love to bring the Nola Nerd Baby, and that’s one con we can wait to do with her.

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