Comic-Con-ing: Cons for July 20th Weekend

Of course, the biggest con is happening this weekend in San Diego.  SDCC is basically ground zero for comic cons.  And even though Marvel will not be at Hall H this year, SDCC is still the place to be for pop culture nerds next weekend if you can get there.

What if you can’t get there?  Well, there are still plenty of other cons to attend all over the country.

MetroCon: Metrocon, in Tampa, bills itself as a con for the fan by fans. Their celebrity guests focus on voice actors and feature veteran anime actor J. Michael Tatum, Jamie Marchi who has done work in anime and in video games, as well as Jason Marsden who has been in quite a few films and tv shows in front of the camera as well as doing extensive voice work most notably as Max in A Goofy Movie.  This year’s theme is Guardians vs Invaders.

Kitsunekon: This is an anime con that will take place in Green Bay, Wisconsin.  Guest include voice actor Wendee Lee and Comicstorian. Comicstorian is valuable resource for comic fans and we highly encourage you check out their youtube channel.

Trotcon: Is a con that focuses on ponies! That’s right this Columbus, Ohio Con, if focused on My Little Pony! Lauren Jackson who voices Silverstream will be there. Plus, the panels can go from Customizing Pony Brushables to Aristotle vs Fanfiction. There is a huge following of MLP out there and it’s great that there are cons like this.  Everyone deserves to know they have a tribe they belong to!

North Texas Comic Book Show:  This show, in the very nice Irving Convention Center, focuses on comic books. Some of the comic creators they have lined up are Carl Potts, Steve Englehart, Rick Leonardi, Christopher Priest, Ty Templeton, and Doug Hazlewood. A comic con about comics is actually a great idea!



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