Parenting: Ever Evolving Nola Nerd Couple

With the addition of the Nola Nerd Baby, our site has been put a little on the back burner.  We have to evolve because she has to be our focus.

People always say that babies change you.  Well, that’s true up to a point.  We don’t want to lose who we are just because we are focusing on her.  We don’t want to live vicariously through her, but we don’t want her to only enjoy the things we love.  I mean she will have nerd parents, but if she was to be a cheerleader or athelete, we will be at every game.

Of course, some things have changed.  We couldn’t work out being able to go see Solo: A Star Wars Story. We have been way behind on recording podcasts. But we also have taken her to the Aquarium and Disney.

Basically, expect more parenting blogs from both of us.  We both have a unique viewpoint to being a parent.  Plus, I’m 44. This really gives me a unique perspective on being a first time parent, especially when children of my friends are in college and are starting families of their own.

We are going to review parent gadgets, discuss our adventures, share tons of pictures, and give our opinions.  No we aren’t renaming our blog the Nola Nerd Trio (sorry Josh from

When Mrs. Nola Nerd Couple was carrying our baby, I wrote our baby a letter.  Basically, I told her that some day I hope she reads this blog. The posts before February 22, 2018 and those after.

These posts tell the story of her parents.

These are the stories of her.

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