Star Wars-ing: Communicating With Nola Nerd Baby

This will probably be the silliest Star Wars think piece that you will probably ever read.

George Lucas and LucasFilm are beyond helpful with raising the Nola Nerd Baby. They have provided me with an entire universe to communicate with her. And every time I do, she smiles and talks back.

Now, you need to understand she is four months old.

Just say names to of Star Wars planets and moons to a baby and you can have a full conversation.

Me: Abafar Ando Jakku Tatooine

Her: Gaja ja skewseras


Now, she hasn’t talked to me back in Star Wars planets and moons, but I’m certain that Jakku or Naboo will be her first word.

Actually, this makes a lot of sense.  Babies often say the “ooh” sound that appears in a lot of planets and moons that appear in the Star Wars Universe. G and the hard c sounds are also one of the first ones they can say.

So put your money on Jakku.

Of course, I would actually prefer pappa or momma, but how cool would it be if her first word was a Star Wars word. She would be a Star Wars fan for life.

Well, she really doesn’t have a choice will she?!

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