Parenting: The Nola Nerd Baby’s Christening

We are a Catholic family. We might not be the best Catholics (we need to go to church more often), but being raised Catholic has had an unshakable impact on us. As it has been a positive influence in our lives, we wanted the same for our darling daughter.

I won’t lie; the baptism was as wonderful and stressful as our wedding. Wonderful in that the service itself and the family that gathered with us made for an amazing day.Β  Stressful in that a lot of work goes into making a wonderful day.

Of course, her godparents were there. Her godfather, my godson, will be known to her as her parrain since Mr. Nola Nerd Couple is a cajun. Grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins were there for this special event.


The Nola Nerd Trio


Deacon Tully about to baptize the Nola Nerd Baby


Receiving the Sacrament


Receiving a final blessing


With the Godparents


With the Grandparents


The Nola Nerd Baby with her godfather to the right. Mr. Nola Nerd is her godfather’s godfather. Nola Nerd Baby’s godfather’s mother is Mr. Nola Nerd’s godmother. In other words, this is a godly picture πŸ™‚

After the ceremony, we had everyone over at our house for some food supplied from Rouses (because it’s good and for a good price). The Nola Nerd Baby did a great job entertaining everyone but definitely went to bed early that night.

The great thing about traditions no matter the culture is that it is often shared with family. She may not know it yet, but the Nola Nerd Baby is one very loved baby.

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