Star Wars-ing: Can’t Wait to Share With the Nola Nerd Baby

We thought we had a lot of Star Wars stuff. Toys, movies, stuffed animals, posters, etc, we have it.

Then we had the Nola Nerd Baby.

We couldn’t help ourselves, but at least we have presents for the first four birthdays!


While we hated to see Toys’R’Us close, we did take advantage of the sales. At the one closest to us, we were able to pick up  Jyn Erso costume to cosplay within at future cons. We also were able to pick up quite a few stuff animals as well.

We really did well at the Panama City Toys’R’US when visiting relatives. This is where we got the Landspeeder for 70% off. We didn’t even discuss it. We just looked at each other and nodded.

We also purchased Rey’s staff that also serves as a metal detector.  It’s part of Star War’s Science line of toys. Considering that the Nola Nerd Baby’s grandparents live in Panama City this will be a toy that we will use quite a bit. We also bought some Forces of Destiny dolls as well.

Of course, we also bought some non-Star Wars stuff. What we really love about these toys is that they allow our girl to take part in something we love.

Now, if she rebels against Star Wars when she becomes a teenager…


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