Parenting: Must Have – Dr. Brown’s Formula Pitcher

This review is not an endorsed review.  We are not affiliated with Amazon nor Dr. Brown’s. We bought this product on a whim and love it. 

Mrs. Nola Nerd Couple wanted to breastfeed the Nola Nerd Baby. However, when all the postpartum complications arose, we had no choice to switch to formula. We understand how great breastfeeding can be for a baby. We also understand that having a healthy mom is better for a baby.  Fed is best.


I immediately just took over the making bottle duties. My wife had been hospitalized for six of the baby’s first ten days in the hospital and needed to every moment she could get to catch up the time she missed. When Nola Nerd Baby was taking two ounces making bottles wasn’t hard.  However, of course, she progressed.  She’s now taking 5-6 6 oz bottles a day.  (Well, she usually eats between five to six ounces, but we rather have more than less.).

Mixing six bottles once they get to be more than 4 ounces is a choir.  The formula doesn’t just mix well by handshaking, not at those quantities. I would shake and shake then put down the bottles and shake two more.  It would take nearly a half hour till there were no clumps for six bottles. There had to be a more natural way.

So I googled searched for formula mixer, and the first product that came up was Dr. Brown’s Formula Pitcher. 


If you can afford it, or have relatives that can, we also recommend getting a dorm fridge just for little one and her milk supply. 

One of the reviews of this product on Amazon had a wife asking her husband how many stars would he give the product out of five.  He answered twelve.  This was when I knew the product was for us.

That man didn’t give it enough stars.

This product is a total game changer. It cut down bottle making time in half. I can’t scientifically state this, but both my wife and I have noticed that our sweet little one has had fewer gas issues since we started using this product. During school, we had to send little one to daycare, and this made the process of getting bottles ready so much easier.

Once you get past the essentials for babies, and if you are formula feeding, buy this product.  

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