ComicCon-ing: MegaCon Continues to Focus on Comic Creators

MegaCon has excellent celebrity guests year in and year out.  This year is no exception, and we are trying to figure out how to pay for it all.

However, MegaCon, which is under the Fan Expo umbrella of Infroma Exhibitions,  doesn’t forget the comic part of their convention. To comic book collectors, this year’s guests is as star-studded as the celebrity guests.  In fact, we might spend more time in the comic creators’ area.

DSC_0038 copy

Comic Book Creator Area at MegaCon 2017

Some of the people that will be appearing:

Neal Adams: Legendary creator Neal Adams will be there all four days. The modern versions of Green Arrow and Batman stem from his work.
J. Scott Campbell: J. Scott Campbell will be there Saturday only. Mr. Campbell has done tons of covers for Spider-man and other Marvel properties as well as a lot of FairyTale Fantasies
Greg Capullo and Scott Snyder: Greg Capullo and Scott Snyder will be there Thursday only.  Their work on Batman will ensure he will have long lines so plan accordingly.
Donny Cates: Donny Cates is a comic creator I have been following for some time.  I love his early comic, The Paybacks. He is currently working on Thanos and Venom.  You know you want to read both of them. (I want to read both of them). Editor’s note: The MegaCon website does not have days listed for Mr. Cates, but have panels listed under his profile for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Check back with their website for more details. We will update when we know more!
Amanda Conner: Mrs. Nola Nerd Couple’s favorite comic creator will be there.  Ms. Conner, along with Jimmy Palmiotti, was the driving force for a long run of Harley Quinn, one in which the character’s popularity reigned supreme. They are amazing people to meet. They will be there all four days of the convention.
Dan Didio: He is the co-publisher of DC Comics, which means his panels are don’t miss events. He is scheduled to do panels on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.
David Finch: We were able to meet Mr. Finch, an artist on the first set of Tom King’s Batman series, at Comicpalooza last year. He had a pretty steady long line but was fantastic to meet. He will be at the con all 4 days.
Tom King: Tom King may be my favorite comic writer working now. His work on Batman has been phenomenal, but his work on Vision was even better.  Vision is one of those comics that just stay with you.  He will have long lines every time he does a signing so plan accordingly.  He will be there all five days.
Jim Lee: The legendary creator will be there Saturday only.
Rob Liefeld: The man who co-created Deadpool at a convention the week after Deadpool 2 comes out should have some of the busiest lines of the weekend.
Brian Stelfreeze:  This artist has worked on Black Panther, which means I’m bringing some comics for him to sign. He will be at the con all four days.
Drew Sturzan: With over a 150 movie poster credits on his resume, Drew Sturzan will have long lines especially for his work on  Indiana Jones and Star Wars posters.  He will be there Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.
Of course, the list is longer. I didn’t mention Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez, Andy Kubert, Francesco Mattina, Ed McGuinnes, Yanick Paquette, Matthew Rosenberg, Dave  Dorman, Alex Maleev, Bob McLeod, nor Frank Tieri.  And I still didn’t list all the artists that will be there.

We highly recommend visiting the MegaCon comic creators’ webpage to find out information about the events the artists will be doing.

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