Comic Con-ing: Mrs. Nola Nerd’s Wizard World New Orleans 2018

As con season approaches, our first con of 2018 will be Wizard World New Orleans. We’ve been to WWNOLA since its inception and have enjoyed ourselves every year. This year will surely follow suit! Here’s a look at some people I am looking forward to seeing.

Mr. Nola Nerd and I decided to do a photo op with Mr. Stan Lee. We have met him three times and have his autograph on a comic, on a photo, and on my Mallrats poster; however, we do not have any photos with him and us. Since he is in such high demand, his people have to move the line quickly and they do not allow photographs at the table. We know he is winding down on the con circuit (we were at the London Film and Comic Con in 2014, which was he final European appearance, and it was INSANE; they had to put him in his own building) and we figured this might be our last chance to have a photo with Stan “The Man” Lee. Like Mr. Nola Nerd said in his last blog, we might bring our baby countdown sign to have in the photo with us. I am sure Miss Nola Nerd Baby will love that photo growing up!

Jason Momoa is attending and although we met him at Space City Con in 2014, that was before I had my Game of Thrones poster. I now have about twenty people on the poster (the latest being Jerome Flynn aka Bronn thanks to my dear friend David getting him for me at Rhode Island Comic Con). He was awesome to meet in person and I cannot wait to meet him again. I would love to have an Aquaman picture signed as well, but thanks to baby, I will be limiting it to just my poster.

The announcement that made me scream with happiness was David Tennant! I never thought I would be lucky enough to meet him in person. I have a Doctor Who poster that I would love to have him sign, but I also want a photo of him as Ten, as Kilgrave from Jessica Jones (WOW that performance!), and as Scrooge McDuck from the new Duck Tales! Of course, that’s simply not possible right now, so I have to narrow my choice down to one. I am fairly certain it will be a photo of Ten. I have to see his wonderful face!

One of my absolute favorite shows growing up was Boy Meets World. In fact, I just finished rewatching the entire series on Hulu. I was the same age as most of the cast, so I completely related to them and their teen struggles. I am super excited to meet Rider Strong, who portrayed Shawn Hunter, and Will Friedle, who portrayed Eric Matthews. I am hoping to get a cast picture with Ben Savage (Cory Matthews) and Danielle Fishel (Topanga Lawrence). Hopefully one day I can meet them as well!

Those are my top celebrity guests. If I were rich, I would meet Jenna Coleman again. I have a picture of her as Clara signed and she is on my poster for Doctor Who; however, Kurt and I are really into the PBS drama Victoria. We would love to get her as that character, but like I said previously, baby comes first.

I would also love to meet Ian Somerhalder. Now, I have never seen a single episode of The Vampire Diaries in my life. So why do I want to meet him. One word: LOST! I was obsessed with LOST and I have several autographs from different cast members. I was crushed when Boone “left the show,” so I would love to add him to my collection. Alas, he will have to wait for another con.

A few other cool guests that we have already met are Nichelle Nichols, who plays Uhura in Star Trek, Jon Heder, who is Napoleon Dynamite, and the Fonz himself, Henry Winkler. All extremely lovely people and if you are a fan, I definitely recommend meeting them.

So that’s it so far for Wizard World. Of course, there are other guests that will be there, but unfortunately I have not seen the shows that they have been in. Besides, I can’t meet everybody, right?! The addiction has to stop somewhere. *wink* Besides, I haven’t even gotten into the comic book artists and creators I want to meet! That will have to be saved for another post.

5 thoughts on “Comic Con-ing: Mrs. Nola Nerd’s Wizard World New Orleans 2018

  1. I am over the moon excited about Tennant! I definitely need to get an autograph too – already have the photo op lined up. I am also loving Jenna Coleman in Victoria but I think I’d have to have her autograph as the impossible girl!


  2. This will be my family’s first time to go, and we are so excited! I’m so glad to have found your site to help me feel a little prepared for what will go on! Question that you may not be able to answer but hopefully can send me in the right direction: My daughter and I both want a photo-op with David Tennant. Since she’s 10, should I buy separate ones for us, or will I be able to get in with her since she’s so young?


      • Thank you!! I finally found some info on photo-ops, but it was certainly hard to find! My hubby and our teen son got an op with Stan Lee!

        Do you have any advice for parking? We are coming from out-of-town that morning, and that’s the first time I’ve done that in NOLA.I see there are places to buy parking ahead of time.

        Thanks for letting me bother you!


        • Yay for Stan Lee! I can’t wait to get a photo with him! I’m sure your hubby and son are excited too!

          As far as parking is concerned, we always park across from the convention center (basically if you get off of the interstate right by the convention center, turn right). It’s a flat fee per day. It used to be $10, but it could be $15 or $20 (I’m not sure what they will charge this year). We can walk to the convention center, it’s close and safe, and the Riverwalk is right next door to the center in case you want non con food (they have things like Raising Cane’s and other standard mall food). Plus, there are restaurants around to walk to as well. It’s easy to run to the car and drop stuff off if we need to as well.


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