Major Nola Nerd Couple Announcement

I’ve been hinting at new content for the blog and podcast for a while.  This new content is such a gamechanger that we are considering a name change.

Nola Nerd Trio sounds pretty great, doesn’t it?


That’s right! Nola Nerd Couple is expanding! Miss Nola Nerd Baby will be joining us in the spring!

To say we are super excited is an understatement.  We have been trying for quite a while.  In fact, we have been trying for so long that the possibility actually just became an abstract thought.  We just kind of accepted our fate that we wouldn’t have kids.

Then one day, one of Mrs. Nola Nerd Couple’s friends randomly shared on Facebook a post from Audobon Fertility.  It was in April and apparently National Infertility Awareness month.  They were running screenings for couples for $100.  We made the appointment.

We realized that accepting our fate was wrong.

We like to think that our love is so strong that just the little amount of help that was given to us was all we needed.  Ours and God’s love did the rest.

Now, the first sixteen weeks have not been fun for Mrs. Nola Nerd Couple.  She has had morning sickness 24/7. We haven’t been able to do much and had to miss the Louisiana Comic Con because of it.  In fact, we can’t do podcasts because if she talks too much it makes her nauseous. Still, she knows it will be worth it in the end!

Now, let me address our little one.

Dear Sofia Catherine, 

As I’m writing this, I’m having trouble seeing the screen because my eyes are full of tears of joy.  As I write this blog, I realize that every single blog we have ever written has been addressed to you. That’s right, we were talking to you before you ever existed.  This blog is the story of your mom and me and soon you.  It contains all the things you will love, like Star Wars and Disney, because we won’t give you much choice.  It probably includes all the things you will pretend to hate when you have to go through your rebellious phase (please don’t pick Star Wars).  In this blog, you will see that your mom and I have seen a good bit of the world and had many adventures.  Don’t worry, we will do everything to make sure you see those things as well.  Especially Italy because you need to see where your grandfather came from. In our podcasts, you will find out that we are just silly people that like silly things.  Just like you will.  We can’t wait to write about the experiences we haven’t been able to have because you haven’t been here.  But soon you will be. This blog will always be there even if we write in it less and less.  We will make sure we keep the domain name so that you can read this someday.

Because this is more than just the stories of us.  This is your story.

This is your story.


Mom and Dad

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