Family-ing: Heartbeat, Let Me Hear Your Heartbeat

We aren’t ashamed to say we needed a little help in creating our little girl and that’s why we chose Audubon Fertility. Once we found out the good news, they sure did spoil us (well, we did pay to be spoiled!).

Even though we achieved our goal, they keep seeing you for 10 more weeks. In this time, we did the NIPT test for downs, which showed no markers.  Also, this test told us we were having a girl!

But more importantly, every week we got an ultrasound and to hear the heartbeat.

If there is a more beautiful sound in this world than my child’s heartbeat, I have yet to hear it.

Nothing is more amazing than hearing a tiny, and I mean tiny, human heart that you helped create. I’m not ashamed to say I cried a little every single time.




Now that we have graduated to our OBGYN, who we love, we don’t’ get spoiled as much. We don’t’ have weekly visits and not every visit has an ultrasound.


But it’s ok because it just makes the moments we do get to hear the heartbeat so much more special.


NOLA-ing: Gretna Fest

While Voodoo and Jazz Fest gets most of the national press of our local festivals.  Yet, Gretna Heritage Festival has been a solid music festival for years.  They often get bands that draw great crowds but wouldn’t necessarily be top tier at the other two festivals.

This year’s lineup is headed by KISS, Huey Lewis & the News, and the B-52s.  However, there are some other great bands on the bill including Pat Benatar, Our Lady Peace, the Plain White T’s, Marc Broussard, Rockin Dopsie Jr, and Amanda Shaw. If Mrs. Nola Nerd feels up to it we will go on Saturday to see Our Lady Peace and KISS.  Sunday wouldn’t be bad either with Pat Benatar and The B-52s.

This is one of the more affordable festivals in town. Advanced single-day tickets are $20 and weekend passes are $47.50.

Of course, being a southern Louisiana festival, there will be great food and drink.  Rouses will sponsor a Craft Beer area with 10 different brews. Some of the food offerings include chargrilled oysters, fried soft shell shrimp, chicken and waffle sandwich, boudin, crawfish bread, cracklins, fried Snickers, and rabbit po-boys.

Plus there will be rides for the kids. There will be a German beer hall (since it is practically October), an Italian Village, and an arts and craft section.

Hopefully, we will see you there!

ComicCon-ing: Biloxi Wizard World Postponed to 2018

Well, my post this morning was premature. Wizard World has decided not to have five end of the year cons and move them to 2018.  This includes Biloxi.

Here is the tweet with the annoucement:

While we are disappointed, we understand that putting on a good con takes a lot of work and more importantly time.  Hopefully, the extended period allows for them to put a good show.  I just hope that some of the guests that they had lined up, especially Craig Parker, who we were really excited to meet.

See you at Wizard World New Orleans!


Star Wars: Reactions to this Week in Star Wars

Ok, since we haven’t done this one in awhile, it might go further back than a week.

Welcome Back, JJ: JJ Abrams is back to direct Episode IX.  I had no feeling either way on the previously attached director, Colin Trevorrow. I did hope they would get Patty Jenkins mainly because I would love the see a certain selection of Star Wars fandom lose their collective minds over a woman directing.  Still, I love The Force Awakens and I have no doubt he will do a great job again. Of course, there are petitions to fire him already.

The Last Jedi is Wrapped: According to Rian Johnson’s Instagram, the work on The Last Jedi is done. Hopefully, a trailer will be coming soon to whet our appetites.

Rebels Will Take a Long Break: Rebels will start October 16, but Disney XD will be showing two episodes. In fact, every weekend until November 13 will be back to back episodes leading to a long midseason break.  Don’t know how I feel about this.



ComicCon-ing: More Guests Annouced for Biloxi Wizard World

Now that we have explained our somewhat long absence, hopefully, we can get back to writing more posts and doing more nerdy things.

The next big event that we want to do is Wizard World Biloxi. They have announced some great guest since our last post on the con.

  • Jewel Statie: Best known for her work on Firefly, she will be there Saturday and Sunday.
  • John Schneider: The former Duke of Hazard will be in Biloxi on Saturday and Sunday
  • James Marsters: My personal favorite cast member from Buffy the Vampire Slayer will be there all weekend.
  • Barry Bostwick: The star of The Rocky Horror Picture Show will be there all three days.
  • Lou Ferrigno: The Incredible Hulk himself will be at the con for the weekend.
  • Thomas Ian Nicholas: I never realized that the kid from Rookie of the Year grew up to be a teenager in American Pie.  Mr. Nicholas will be there all three days.

The con will be held in Biloxi from October 13-15 at the Mississippi Coast Coliseum and Convention Center.  Find out more at the official site!


Major Nola Nerd Couple Announcement

I’ve been hinting at new content for the blog and podcast for a while.  This new content is such a gamechanger that we are considering a name change.

Nola Nerd Trio sounds pretty great, doesn’t it?


That’s right! Nola Nerd Couple is expanding! Nola Nerd Baby will be joining us in the spring!

To say we are super excited is an understatement.  We have been trying for quite a while.  In fact, we have been trying for so long that the possibility actually just became an abstract thought.  We just kind of accepted our fate that we wouldn’t have kids.

Then one day, one of Mrs. Nola Nerd Couple’s friends randomly shared on Facebook a post from Audobon Fertility.  It was in April and apparently National Infertility Awareness month.  They were running screenings for couples for $100.  We made the appointment.

We realized that accepting our fate was wrong.

We like to think that our love is so strong that just the little amount of help that was given to us was all we needed.  Ours and God’s love did the rest.

Now, the first sixteen weeks have not been fun for Mrs. Nola Nerd Couple.  She has had morning sickness 24/7. We haven’t been able to do much and had to miss the Louisiana Comic Con because of it.  In fact, we can’t do podcasts because if she talks too much it makes her nauseous. Still, she knows it will be worth it in the end!

Now, let me address our little one.

Dear Sofia Catherine, 

As I’m writing this, I’m having trouble seeing the screen because my eyes are full of tears of joy.  As I write this blog, I realize that every single blog we have ever written has been addressed to you. That’s right, we were talking to you before you ever existed.  This blog is the story of your mom and me and soon you.  It contains all the things you will love, like Star Wars and Disney, because we won’t give you much choice.  It probably includes all the things you will pretend to hate when you have to go through your rebellious phase (please don’t pick Star Wars).  In this blog, you will see that your mom and I have seen a good bit of the world and had many adventures.  Don’t worry, we will do everything to make sure you see those things as well.  Especially Italy because you need to see where your grandfather came from. In our podcasts, you will find out that we are just silly people that like silly things.  Just like you will.  We can’t wait to write about the experiences we haven’t been able to have because you haven’t been here.  But soon you will be. This blog will always be there even if we write in it less and less.  We will make sure we keep the domain name so that you can read this someday.

Because this is more than just the stories of us.  This is your story.

This is your story.


Mom and Dad

ComicCon-ing: Louisiana Comic Con This Weekend

The Louisiana Comic Con in Lafayette will take place this weekend.  We are excited and so should you be!

One of the best things about any con is the panels. Here is the panel schedule:


As you can tell, the celebrity guests are going to be on the main stage. The Panel Room, however, offers something different for con goers. These panels cover a full range of topics from cosplaying, writing, and drawing.

We hope to see you at one of the panels!