Watching: The Matt Smith Years of Doctor Who

Matt Smith was our worst con experience ever.  We paid $99, and he didn’t even say hello or look at us.  He didn’t even acknowledge we were there.  Sure getting his autograph was nice, but part of what you pay for is the 20-second exchange with an artist. And this was before we even watched an episode of his. We wanted to hate his seasons.

But we couldn’t.

I mean how could we.  His first season is as perfect of a television season as possible. His companions, Amy and Rory, are both two of the best ever. Steven Moffet hits many of his highest notes as showrunner during this time.

Yet, standing above it all is the brilliance of Matt Smith. Let’s face it, the cards were against him following David Tennant. Mr. Smith could have been brilliant playing a version of that character.  Yet, the decision to let go a lot of the anger of his character was an important one. His Doctor learned a lot of hard lessons from the Tenth Doctor. Yet, even though he was a quirky Doctor, he still made sure people knew he was not a man to be trifled with. Surprising, when we rewatched his episodes, we noticed that there was a darkness to his Doctor that was always lurking beneath the surface.  His quirkiness was often a way for the Doctor to deal with the darkness.

Watching that first go around, we would often state how we loved that episode but still didn’t like Mr. Smith.  Then we watched The Crown and saw how much range he truly has. He isn’t particularly likable as the Duke of Edinburgh, but he is utterly captivating.   We have been rewatching Doctor Who, and we flew through his season. While the ninth is Cristina’s Doctor and Tenth is mine, he will always be one of our favorites. He still made us laugh and cry.

If we do get to meet him again at a con, we will.  Of course, we will tell him about our first experience, but how his work, and the quality of it, couldn’t keep us mad.


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