ComicCon-ing: Comicpalooza Brings The Noise and Comic Creators

Comicpalooza has a varied lineup.  Seriously, there is something for everyone there.

  • Rex Brown: The bassist who has been in Pantera and Down will be at Comicpalooza.
  • Christy Carlson Romano:  Ms. Romano was on Even Stevens and voiced the title character on Kim Possible.
  • Marky Ramone – The second drummer for the Ramones will be at Comicpaolooza.  He is one of the members inducted into the Hall of Fame which lets you know his importance to the group.
  • Tony Harris: Comic creator known for Starman, Iron Man, Ex Machina, and C3PO
  • James Robinson:  Comic creator known for Starman, Earth 2, Superman, and Fantastic Four
  • David Finch: Comic creator known for Batman, Wonder Woman, The New Avengers, and Ultimate X-Men
  • Doug Hazlewood: Comic creator for Animal Man, The Flash, and Wonder Woman.  I can’t wait for him to sign my Death of Superman for which he worked as an inker.
  • Sam Jones:  The savior of the universe.  He saved every last one of us.  That’s right, Flash Gordon will be at Comicpalooza.

To see our full Comicpalooza coverage including our podcasts, click here!

Can’t wait to see you in Houston!

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