Star Wars-ing: Fascinating Podcasts Offered Fresh Perspectives Of The Star Wars Universe

Our first two days of Star Wars Celebration were spent just getting autographs.  It was a tiring, grueling, and often frustrating experience.  By Saturday, we needed a break from the long lines and the disorganization (more to come on our podcast comprehensive review of Star Wars Celebration). This also meant we took a break from each other.  We have different hobbies and different interests.  So while Mrs. Nola Nerd Couple was wheeling and dealing in the pin trading area, I went to panels and podcasts.

Since we are just starting to do our own podcast regularly, it was great to see others do a podcast.  On Saturday night, I attended the Star Wars: In Character recording of their podcast.  They have a great idea for a podcast by focusing on a character from Star Wars, the more obscure the better.  For their Celebration podcast, they discussed Tessek, Jabba’s bookkeeper.  I never really thought about it before, but a major gangster needs to have some type of accounting going on.  It was informative and playful.   The hosts all have great chemistry together and never once made it pedantic, preferring to make it funny and for everyone.  Because it was in front of a live audience, they did change up their show a little by having guests on the show.  First, the Mandalorian Mercs provided the cast an honorary membership.  They also presented one of the podcasters a set of…well this is a family blog. For the next part of the show, they had Kevin Leill head of the Norse Legion.  They then turned it over to the audience.  It was a great show that felt a lot shorter than it actually was.


The next day I attended The Star Wars Report.  I got there a little late, so I missed the beginning of the show.  The hosts were joined by Steele Saunders who hosts Steele Wars and Anthony Breznican from Entertainment Weekly. This was more of a free discussion but it brought up some great points.  One of them, stated by Mr. Breznican was that Star Wars, to continue, needs to go beyond the Jedi.  This doesn’t mean get rid of lightsabers, but maybe create a new group on the light side of the force to replace the Jedi. They also wondered if Rey would be the foundation for that group. Again, this was an informative discussion that brought both passion and humor to Star Wars. This podcast also had a live band, High Adventure, to make this podcast even more entertaining.


Both podcasts inspired me to keep working on our show.  Both brought fresh, interesting points to the Star Wars universe.  Both were very serious about their shows, but neither took themselves too seriously. Both will be on my regular podcast listening rotation.

May the force be with you!



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