ComicCon-ing: Comicpalooza Marvels With Its Latest Guest Announcements

Before we start our weeklong Star Wars Celebration recap, we want to discuss the great additions that have been announced by the next major con we will attend – Comicpalooza.  Comicpalooza will be held in Houston, May 12-14. For us Nola nerds, Houston is an easy ride and Comicpalooza is worth it.

Here are the latest announcements:

Anthony Mackie: Mr. Mackie must have realized that drive from New Orleans isn’t bad and so he is making the trip to Comicpalooza. Of course, Mr. Mackie is the Falcon in the MCU but has tackled all kinds of roles in his film career.

Scott Wilson: This is another great Walking Dead guest for Comicpalooza.  However, he also has a long career starring in such films as The Great Gatsby (with Robert Redford playing Gatsby) and In Cold Blood.

Jessica Henwick: She will joining her Iron Fist costar Finn Jones in Houston.  She has had parts in Game of Thrones and Star Wars.

Will Friedle: Mr. Friedle has done extensive voice work in series such as Batman Beyond and Guardians of the Galaxy. Yet, we have a feeling he will be signing plenty of Boy Meets World autographs since he was Eric Matthews.

Ming Chen: Star of AMC’s Comic Book Men (well he is our favorite), Ming Chen will be at Comicpalooza.

Tyson Rinehart:  A veteran voice actor especially in anime, Mr. Rineheart will be in Houston for the convention.

Comicpalooza has also been busy adding literature guests and will fan roundtable and workshops at the con.  We will be giving the authors and these events their own spotlight the closer we get to the convention, which is less than a month away.

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