Star Wars-ing: Thursday Preview

We didn’t wait in the lines for the panels. We just couldn’t do it. We were up for work at 4 am the day before, and didn’t get into Orlando until well after 11 pm. We will miss out on the big panel and probably some exclusive merchandise.  The first part doesn’t really bother me, but the last.  I hate the artificial supply that doesn’t come close to meeting demand.  I know limited is cool, but you are punishing people for not spending the night in a line. They sell out quickly sometimes minutes after.  They know they will, so make more.  I know that kills the exclusivity but also kills some of the fun for people who aren’t serious collectors but really like the items and want one.

But enough of my rant.   Celebration is about to start!

We do plan on doing some shopping today if we can get into the store.  We don’t really have a lot in mind except maybe a few pins if they are there, and some T-shirts for us and friends.  We would also like to buy some books and have them signed by the authors as well.

We do have a few autographs today.  Luckily, TOPPS extended plenty of the celebrity guests schedules for signing.  We will be meeting Dave Barclay, Garrick Hagon, Temuera Morrison, and Denis Lawson. I have never met any of these so it will be a treat for me.

I would like to go to some panels if time permits.  I really would like to do the STEAM panel. The food and recipes panel inspired by Star Wars also sounds fun.  As a new and very amateur podcaster, I really would like to go to the podcast stage and see how some of the people’s who podcasts I enjoy produce their show.

I’m on about 5 hours sleep and hopefully, that’s enough for the day.  Sleeping in a bed really helps; if we would have slept in line, I wouldn’t have slept more than an hour and not consecutively.  Still, it’s Celebration and I’m sure I’ll catch my second wind.

Check our twitter and Instagram for real time updates!

May the force be with you, my friends!

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