Star Wars-ing: Quick Thursday Recap

  • The 40th-anniversary panel was amazing according to friends who camped out. The fact that Harrison Ford and John Williams were there put it over the top.  We can’t wait to stream it.
  • The STEM/STEAM Star Wars panel was one of the best panels I went to about education at a con. They discussed how sci-fi led them to science.  Holly Griffith, an engineer at NASA, stated she owed her career to Princess Leia.
  • Denis Lawson is not someone that does a lot of cons.  However, he was one of the nicest and most personable people we have seen at a con and his line was always long.
  • Temuera Morrison was ecstatic to sign our picture of the character he voiced in Moana, Chief Tui.
  • Billy Dee Williams is still the coolest person on the planet.
  • We got everything we wanted at the Celebration store!!!
  • We bought Thrawn with the exclusive convention cover and got the exclusive pin. Can’t wait to read it.
  • The line to get in was ridicuslous.  They knew the number of tickets that were sold and that still planned poorly.  However, they did realize that it was not very smooth, and they announced tonight at close that there are expanding their entrance points.
  • The photo-op location is in a weird spot in the corner.  Not sure why, but that was a bad decision. Even if it is smoothly run, it’s still not a good location.

Even though the last two were “even better ifs,” the first day was a pure success for us. We had goals and we did most of them.  We did have to split up become some lines took more time, but we had great expereinces with each person we met.

Of course, we will do a full written recap and review next week as well as podcast covering everything.

2 thoughts on “Star Wars-ing: Quick Thursday Recap

  1. Hi! I’m Holly who was inspired by Leia to work for NASA. I used to live in NOLA πŸ™‚ Can you please make a correction? I am not a “lead” engineer (maybe one day…..) Thanks!


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