Episode 33: Brian Wilson and How I Learned to Love EDM

In a short podcast about music, I talk about Brian Wilson’s concert recently at the Saenger Theater in New Orleans.  I also discuss how I completely changed my mind on EDM.  I will be back next week with my thoughts on Radiohead’s show, and then the music podcast will take a break until the end of April.

Show Notes:

6 thoughts on “Episode 33: Brian Wilson and How I Learned to Love EDM

  1. That show was probably sold out on the books. Because there are so many reseller bots buying tickets and dumping them into secondary markets for very high prices, combined with promoters, scraping off the best seats and also dumping them in secondary markets, auditoriums often look less than filled. It’s a major ongoing problem for most touring acts.

    Well, kind of. The acts get paid what they are supposed to be paid. But, it’s emotionally disconcerting to go out on stage and see big holes in the audience.


  2. One other thing to know. Bands have hold backs as well. They are for friends and so on. Depending on the popularity of the band and who they know in the city, if those are left over the are placed back into general ticket sales at around 5pm of the night of the show. Sometimes, if you just show up you can buy better seats for face value. Unfortunately, in NOLA, everybody in the band knows somebody. 🙂


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