Nola-ing: Events for March 30 to April 5

We have so busy being a nerd couple, we have forgotten to be The Nola Nerd Couple.  We haven’t forgotten about our favorite city. We have been attending concerts (which you can hear about on our music podcast page).  We have been running in New Orleans whether it be a regular race or the Best Damn Race 5K.

We are going to start writing about our adventures in the city more, I promise.  Right now, however, opportunity costs have to be made with Star Wars Celebration coming up.  So not only will we post our adventures, but things we would love to do in the city if time and money were no object.  Of course, we just don’t have the time to publish a list of all events (too many other sites do that), just the ones we would love to do. And no, we won’t just limit it to the city limits of New Orleans.  Plenty of great things go on both inside and outside of the city limits.

March 30: The WWII Museum will put on “Biloxi Blues,” the award-winning comedy by Neil Simon. This show runs through April 22, 2017. You can buy tickets for the show only or you can purchase dinner and a show.

March 31: Hogs for the Cause kicks off this weekend.  This is our favorite festival, We have been to Hogs numerous times and it never disappoints. Friday night has great music with a few food offerings, but it’s Saturday that you need to go hungry. We actually were not going to go this year. With Star Wars Celebration coming up we had to make some opportunity cost decisions and Hogs was cut.  However, Mrs. Nola Nerd Couple entered a contest with 106.1 The Underground here in New Orleans.  On Monday, 106.1 The Underground called her and informed her she won tickets to Hogs for the Cause.  Not only did she win tickets but she won Boss Hog tickets.  This is the VIP package.  It looks like we are going to Hogs!

April 1:  This is one of those days that we just can’t do everything without sponsorship. First, there is the Hale Boggs Bridge Run.  We didn’t sign up for this because we did the Best Damn Race last weekend, but nearly all of our friends are.   Then, Hogs for the Cause continues into its second day…the one with all the food. We did, however, sign up for Painting with a Twist’s “Star Wars: Rogue One” event.  I mean, if there was ever a painting with a twist for us, this is the one.   Plus,  the Freret Street Festival will take place this day as well.

April 2:  We will be going to the New Orleans Opera Association’s Presentation of Faust at the Mahalia Jackson Theater.  We have made two of the operas this season (MacBeth and Sweeney Todd), and it was money well spent.  We are looking forward to this one as well. We highly recommend our local readers consider getting season tickets next year, its 75th anniversary season. 

April 3: It has been so long since I’ve seen Radiohead in concert, that they were actually the opening band at the time for R.E.M in Baton Rouge.  Mrs. Nola Nerd Couple has never seen them.

April 4: The World War II Museum will have a panel discussion entitled “Fueling Extremism in a Wired World.”  The panel will be moderated by Robert Citino. A timely topic to be sure, but one that we can learn about by studying the past. An RSVP is required.

April 5:  The 18th Annual Bill Russell Lecture: A Tribute to John Robichaux will be at the Williams Research Center at 6:30 in The Historic New Orleans Collection. John Robichaux’s Orchestra evolved from playing European hits of the day to ragtime at the turn of the 20th century.

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