ComicCon-ing: MegaCon Updates

MegaCon hurt our pocketbooks with some announcements last week for its celebrity guest line-ups.

  • Jenna Coleman, who we have met in London and New Orleans, will be signing.  We haven’t had a chance to watch Victoria, yet, but I we will (which will lead to another autograph.)
  • Arthur Darvill will charge us for at least two autographs, maybe three.  We have a poster that we want the Doctors and Companions to sign, and by all rights in our heads, is Rory qualified to be a companion.  (Jenna has already signed it!). We also are thinking about getting him to sign a centurion photo. Plus, we are working on an Arrowverse poster and he is a large reason why we watch Legends of Tomorrow.
  • Speaking of Legends, the other captain of the Waverider, Caity Lotz will also be in Orlando for the con.  Being such a large part of the Arrowverse, we will get her on our poster as well.

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