Episode 31: Old 97s’ Graveyard Whistling and Ryan Adams in Concert

I asked Mrs. Nola Nerd Couple to marry me with an Old 97s song playing in the background.  Obviously, they are an important band to us and a new release is always a big deal in at Nola Nerd Couple headquarters.  Another important artist to us is Ryan Adams.  In fact, he is the one artist that I would say we are equal fans.  He was awfully sick for this show and he canceled his next performance.  You couldn’t tell until he told us at the show we attended.

Show Notes:

Old 97s Graveyard Whistling

Ryan Adams setlist at the Orpheum in New Orleans

Ryan Adams Setlist Orpheum Theatre, New Orleans, LA, USA 2017, Prisoner

4 thoughts on “Episode 31: Old 97s’ Graveyard Whistling and Ryan Adams in Concert

      • More in common – The Replacements are my all-time favorite band. So much so that I made the trek to the Twin Cities to see The Mats’ hometown reunion show in September 2014.
        Re the Old 97s – I was at the their show at Tipitinas a few years back when the electricity went out. Rhett sang “Amazing Grace” acapella with the audience in the dark. Was freakin classic. Were you and Mrs NOLA at that show?


        • No. We did see them at One Eyed Jacks on our anniversary. Question was the song I played in the background when I asked her to marry me, so it was nice moment when they played that on our day. We did see them in 2008ish at the HOB. Man, thanks to Star Wars Celebration, we got to see the Mats in Hollywood in 2015. I remember being upset that they weren’t coming here, and then realizing that they would be in Hollywood on the first day of Celebration. The Mrs. couldn’t say no.


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