Exercising: So We Joined Planet Fitness

Ok. Ok. If you are an exercise guru, and especially if you are a bodybuilder, you probably have issues with Planet Fitness.  The no judgment policy is, in fact, a judgment policy. I don’t have a problem people grunting during weight lifting.  I do have issues with grunting after they have lifted…I know you are happy, but the self-congratulating grant I never understood.  I have lifted for muscle before and I’m too tired after to do that.  Plus, weightlifting is a deep concentration sport and I’ve always thought it was rude to do that when other people are concentrating on the work at hand. However, it is hard for a fitness center to tell the difference and making a blanket no-grunt policy is silly.

Now, I do agree with the dropping the weights at this gym.  They don’t have the equipment to do huge lifting, so there really isn’t a reason for it. In fact, it’s not really a gym in the traditional sense of the word…it’s a fitness center.  It’s designed for fitness. This means it’s designed for our goals.

Now that I have palindromic rheumatism, I can’t put huge pressure on my joints.  I don’t have a destructive form, so there is no reason to aid it.  However, the more I way the more pressure I am putting on my joints. Weight machines and low weight dumbells (they go up to 60 or 80 at most Planet Fitnesses) are perfect for my needs.  Mrs. Nola Nerd Couple is working out to help her with her running.  South Louisiana during the summer has oppressive heat and humidity.  A large number of treadmills will be a huge help during this time. And remember summer starts four days after spring begins.

We just joined last week, so we have done a couple of workouts already.  The 30-minute circuit training is perfect for me in that it raises my heart rate and keeps it there.  It’s a timing circuit (red light green light) that is separate from all the other machines.  This is fantastic because every personal trainer has told me to do circuit training, but each gym has people resting on the machines I need to do my circuit.  If people follow the rules, then you don’t have this problem.

The machines, cardio and weights, are the same brands at our local gym.  Also, it’s not in the community we live which is great for us, because we will run into fewer students.  Not that we have a problem with running into them but when we are at a gym we don’t want to talk.  Plus, in true Nola Nerd Couple fashion, the one we go to is next to one of the prime Pokemon Go hunting spots!

It’s too early to give a real review of the place, but what we have seen so far we have liked. Hopefully, it keeps us on our journey to getting better, fitter, stronger.


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