Star Wars-ing: Celebration Slays With Latest Guest Announcements

Usually, I write these posts as a news item.  I might interject some personal thoughts, but mostly I try to keep it formal.

Not for this announcement.

The Nola Nerd Couple teaches at the same school. So as soon as work was over yesterday, she rushed to find me and told me we had to leave early.  She said Star Wars Celebration announced two more guests. One, she said she had been hoping would be announced.  I guess Ben Mendelsohn because in our most recent podcast that’s who she said she really wanted to meet.  She said no.  I then tried to narrow it down.  I started stating movies.  She kept saying no.  We have met most of the cast of The Clone Wars and Rebels…then I realized that there was one person from Rebels we haven’t met.  Freddie Prinze Jr. He plays the Jedi Kanan on the show.  As far as we know, he rarely does cons.  I was so excited.  Mrs. Nola Nerd Couple screamed “Yes!!!!”  I’m sure the students walking to their buses though we were crazy.



The look on her face was that this next announcement was for me.  Then I realized that Freddie Prinze Jr’s wife was actually in Star Wars Rebels as the Seventh Sister so she has a reason for being at Celebration.  And his wife was the star of one of my favorite TV shows and is the one person I truly want to meet at a con. So I yell, “Sarah Michelle Gellar!!!!”  with the look of excitement that I child gets the first time they eat bacon or sees Mickey Mouse. I fanboyed.  I’m not ashamed.

C7dtnv9XUAQ3ZQZ (1)

I normally worry about how much we spend at cons.  Not yesterday. I was quoting John Hammond: “Spare no expense!”  I needed more than one autograph.  I needed a photo op.

Not want.




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