Comic Con-ing: Fan Expo Dallas Announces Exclusives

We are really upset we are going to miss this year.  Timing was right for us (we do have real jobs that pay money that have to take precedence over we do it because we love it job). The celebrity line up is fantastic and it boasts one of the best comic creator lineups we have seen in a while.

Now there will be exclusives that you can only get at the con.  Here are just a few that you could have signed by some of the creators at the con:

  • Variant cover of Love is Love by Cat Staggs.
  • A Jim Lee variant cover of All-Star Batman #8
  • A Jim Lee variant cover of Batman #19
  • Iron Fist #1 variant cover by Mike McKone
  • Grimm Fairy Tales Adult Coloring Book variant cover by J Scott Campbell.

There will also be exclusive T-Shirts, figures (including a bombshell Harley Quinn), and other merchandise.  If anyone wants to pick us up a Harley Quinn Exclusive mouse pad, we would love you eternally!

You can see all the exclusive here!


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